Unpacking players keep mixing a GameCube up with a kitchen appliance

Some younger fans of the recently released puzzle game Unpacking are having trouble with a level, and it’s not because they’re bad at the game or the level has a particularly tricky solution. It’s because some of these fans don’t know what a GameCube is. Unpacking is a new game from Witch Beam where you […]

Players are gleefully breaking New World with gold duping, chat exploits

At first glance, New World appears to be a standard MMO experience, with crafting, combat, and monstrous critters to slay. But there’s a hidden underbelly to the game that players are using to get all manner of unscrupulous advantages. While New World has lots of in-game PvP opportunities for players to contest regions or duke […]

Destiny players and Bungie are currently at war over spoiler culture

Last weekend, Destiny fans erupted in an argument over data-mining and spoilers. What started as the sale of a mysterious emblem quickly turned into players turning on some of the community’s most valuable members: data miners. Images of a mysterious new emblem called “A Classy Order” started circling around Twitter over the weekend. Destiny community […]

Pokemon Go Players React To Planned Removal Of Game’s Pandemic Perks

Niantic’s announcement that it plans to rescind some of the changes it made to Pokemon Go at the start of the pandemic has been greeted with trainer backlash. Niantic issued a statement this week revealing that some of the changes made to Pokemon Go will be rolled back over the summer. Since Pokemon Go is […]

Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Are Being Murdered By A Door

Doors have been an interesting topic of conversation in games over the past year, including how difficult they are to render during the development process. Now I guess they are done being talked about because doors have gone from being difficult to being downright murderous … at least when it comes to Call of Duty: […]

Sonic Origins Gives Players A New Chance To Experience The Glory Days

This year marks the 30th anniversary for the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and as with any major anniversary milestone for a long-running franchise, fans want something to celebrate the glory days of the series. While 2017’s Sonic Mania paid stellar tribute to the 2D days of Sega’s spiny speedster, fans still love and play the […]

Valheim players have created their own Thunderdome

Some people love Valheim because they can make cozy cabins and tame boars. Others just want to beat other Vikings to the death in a murder arena. But the game itself rarely rewards this kind of player-vs-player action. That’s why the community has created the Vikings of Legend events, a high-profile series of PvP matches […]

Miitopia players are making incredible things with the character creator

The Nintendo Switch remaster of Miitopia won’t be released until May 21. But that hasn’t stopped fans from enjoying the demo that arrived earlier this week. While demos don’t typically make a big splash, this one has prompted dozens of social media posts showing off the cool characters people can make using the game’s Mii […]

Animal Crossing Players Celebrate Second Ramadan On Their Islands

For over a year now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has hosted countless real world events. Coronavirus related lockdowns may have stopped large gatherings, but graduations, birthdays, weddings, and religious celebrations still need to take place. Around the world, Muslims are now entering a second Ramadan in lockdown. This celebration sees able-bodied Muslims fasting from sunrise […]