Podcast: Should “salty” sim racers be banned for reckless moves?

Following a controversial series of incidents in the final few laps of the IndyCar iRacing Challenge last Sunday, the chatter in the sim racing world has been fierce about what consequences the drivers involved should face. Santino Ferrucci was quick to defend his actions after taking out Oliver Askew to deny the McLaren driver victory, […]

Learn how to start a podcast with this $45 online training bundle

There has never been a better time to start your podcast. There are now over 60 million Americans listening to podcasts each week, according to Edison Research Infinite Dial 2020, and that number is still growing. If you’re looking for a change in profession or have an idea for the next big podcast, The Start-to-Finish […]

Podcast: Solving AI’s black box problem

What happens when you don’t know why a smart system made a specific decision? AI’s infamous black box system is a big problem, whether you’re an engineer debugging a system or a person wondering why a facial-recognition unlock system doesn’t perform as accurately on you as it does on others. In this episode of the […]