AI brings promise and peril to customer relations management

Join AI & data leaders at Transform 2021 on July 12th for the AI/ML Automation Technology Summit. Register today. Artificial intelligence is proving to be most valuable when it is applied to rote, predictable functions. At first blush, this may not sound like an ideal fit for customer relations management (CRM), but keeping customers happy […]

Bungie Walks Back Promise To Expand Destiny 2’s Cosmodrome

Just before Beyond Light arrived last November, Bungie told us that the returning Cosmodrome wouldn’t be exactly as Destiny veterans remember. Parts of it would be missing, while others would be slightly altered to better support its new home in Destiny 2. The plan was to build out the Cosmodrome over the course of the […]

Dying Light 2 Devs Promise "Fresh Updates" Next Year

Looks like 2021 will be bringing some good news for those waiting for Dying Light 2. The game’s developer, Techland, have confirmed that “fresh updates” for the sequel will be announced sometime in the next year. This is the first we have heard about the game since its Spring 2020 release was delayed at the […]