Top 10 Puzzle Games To Play Right Now

A good puzzle is one of the best things in life. Some are relaxing time-killers, while others test our skills in critical problem solving or quick mental gymnastics; both can be incredibly satisfying. Video games can elevate these head-scratching problems to new heights and complexities by immersing you in a setting, messing with concepts like […]

How To Say Goodbye Is A Puzzle Game Inspired By Children's Books About Accepting Loss

Coping with death and the grief that follows it is challenging and one of the few experiences everyone confronts sooner or later. How to Say Goodbye, an enchanting puzzle game from one of the minds of Monument Valley 2, finds an adorable, perhaps more palatable avenue for accepting loss.  Players explore a world filled with spirits as […]

Painting puzzle game Behind the Frame drips with Studio Ghibli charm

Hayao Miyazaki’s influence is seen beyond film, and in games across the entire industry. But never before have I felt as if I was playing inside of a Studio Ghibli film until my hourlong experience with Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery. Created by Taiwanese developer Silver Lining Studio, Behind the Frame is mostly a […]

Biped Review: Puzzle Solving Fun For Two… With Robots!

Developer NEXT Studios has released a unique multiplayer experience on Steam with Biped. Players take control of a pair of small robots who must work as a team to complete a series of stages. Despite the simple, often-seen concept of this multiplayer game, Biped is a pleasure to experience and only suffers from a relatively […]

Borderlands Science, A Puzzle Game With Real-World Benefits, Launches Inside Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has added a new arcade machine to Sanctuary III, and playing it has benefits to the world of science. In the corner of Doctor Tannis’ infirmary, you’ll find Borderlands Science, a game designed to help real-world scientists organize data. Borderlands Science, introduced in the trailer below, is a block-shifting puzzle game that involves […]

The 15 Best Xbox Puzzle Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

Complexity doesn’t have to require hundreds of hours within a game. Beautiful visuals don’t have to mean the latest graphics engine with the largest development team. And engaging gameplay doesn’t necessitate online multiplayer with constant updates. Sometimes you can get all of that in a smaller package that still packs a punch. Puzzle games exist […]