The 25 Best Oculus Quest Games And Experiences

It’s safe to say that Oculus Quest came out of the gates swinging. That makes picking a list of the best Oculus Quest games pretty tough. Facebook’s standalone VR headset, which seems to have singlehandedly reignited the entire VR industry, launched with over 50 apps. In the months that have followed it’s cherry-picked a steady […]

Destiny 2's The Lie Quest Bugged, Servers Down For Maintenance

May 21 Update: Destiny 2 maintenance is underway, and players have been removed from the game. You won’t be able to log back in for the time being, but the update should be available shortly–hopefully fixing The Lie quest for good. In the meantime, servers are down, with Bungie saying the maintenance should be […]

Oculus Quest Is Back In Stock, But Supplies Are Limited

Half-Life: Alyx has taken the VR world by storm, and if you want to get in on it, the Oculus Quest is a great, versatile VR headset that’s compatible with Valve’s latest game and a bunch of other great titles. Unfortunately, Oculus’s stock of both the 64GB and 128GB model has dwindled, but there are […]

Destiny 2's New Quest Supposedly Unlocks Felwinter's Lie Shotgun

The Guardian Games are over in Destiny 2, and while the grind to earn the Heir Apparent Exotic machine gun has ended, a new big weapon quest has kicked off in its place: The Lie. And apparently, completing all these steps will lead to the legendary shotgun, Felwinter’s Lie. Hop into the game after the […]

Tetris Effect Quest Review: Achieving Transcendence In Standalone VR

I’m a life-long fan of the iconic line-making game Tetris and I was excited to see it come to VR with the release of Tetris Effect in 2018 on PlayStation 4. I’ll admit, however, its move into VR didn’t really settle right with me. That is, until I played it through on Oculus Quest. Don’t […]

Mark Zuckerberg: Oculus Quest "Has Surpassed Our Expectations"

In an earnings call with investors Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Oculus “Quest has surpassed our expectations.” “I wish we could make more of them faster during this period,” he said. “I’m quite pleased with how Quest is doing and I wish we could make more of them.” While Facebook remains solidly an ad-driven business, […]

Chex Quest HD coming this summer, deluxe version comes in a cereal box

Chex Quest HD, a fan-developed remaster of the first-person shooter released by General Mills in 1996, is coming to Steam this summer. The nonviolent FPS will be free to download, but if you want to spend $149.99 on your Chex Quest nostalgia, publisher Limited Run Games has a luxurious physical edition for you. Dubbed the […]

Death Stranding VR Quest Fan Game Gets Amazing Full Trailer

KingCeryn’s impressive-looking, unofficial Death Stranding VR game for Oculus Quest is back, this time with an amazing full trailer. This new footage of the game, now named Death Stranding: Porter, starts off in one of the Bridges hub bases that, in the full game, players rest in. Here you can load out weapons and items […]