NODWIN Gaming MD on the rise of PC esports in India

In recent years, South Asia has positioned itself as one of the bigger mobile gaming markets. The now-banned PUBG Mobile helped usher in a new era of gaming and esports culture in the region. Given the country’s majority-young population and existing socio-economic conditions, smartphone penetration and internet users are on the rise. There is little to […]

Monster Hunter Rise Director Has Made The Game More Accessible To Newcomers

If you’re a new hunter, stepping into the world of Capcom’s Monster Hunter can be a daunting and intimidating task. Not only are there giant creatures roaming the lands, but grasping the mechanics and coming to terms with the franchise’s long, arduous battles may be off-putting. To help ease newcomers into the franchise, Monster Hunter […]

Monster Hunter Rise Unique Amiibo Outfits Revealed

Capcom has revealed the unique gear that players can acquire from the Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo, which includes outfits for the hunter, their Palamute, and their Palico. In the Monster Hunter series, the player character never levels up or gains stat points. Instead, their progression is tied to their armor and weapon. The passive abilities and buffs […]

Monster Hunter Rise Demo Lag Could Be Caused By Your Friend List

The slowdown issues in the Monster Hunter Rise demo could be caused by having too many people on your friend list. Capcom announced that a Monster Hunter Rise demo would be released on the Nintendo eShop on January 8. The demo offers two single-player tutorials, and two hunts that can be enjoyed locally with friends, or online with […]

Monster Hunter Rise Preview: Wyvern Riding To Victory

After several failed attempts to get into the series, Monster Hunter World opened my eyes. The expedition of the fifth fleet took us to a brand new world with dozens of detailed, ferocious monsters that I couldn’t stop blunting my blades on. I was hooked instantly and adored traversing the world with my precious Palico […]

eUnited Partners With Rise Above The Disorder for Mental Health Initiatives

North American esports organization eUnited announced a strategic partnership Wednesday with mental health advocacy group Rise Above The Disorder. Rise Above The Disorder is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to removing the barriers to mental health care access and affordability.  Through this new partnership, eUnited will be able to offer “unabridged access” to mental health […]

Monster Hunter Rise Twitter Animation Explains The Power Of Spiribirds

The hunters in Monster Hunter Rise will be helped by some colorful avians, as an animated post on the official Twitter page for the game has described the buffing/healing powers of the Spiribirds. The most famous animal companions in the Monster Hunter series are the Palico, which are cat people who fight alongside the hunters. Monster Hunter […]

Monster Hunter Rise Footage Reveals New Palamute Gear Designs

Capcom continues to release tidbits of info regarding Monster Hunter Rise – the franchise’s first Switch exclusive scheduled to launch in March 2021. The latest footage shows off our loyal Palamute companions and the different types of gear they’ll be able to wear. The preview was actually released on Thanksgiving (November 26) in the United […]

Monster Hunter Rise Was Delayed By A Month Due To COVID

Monster Hunter Rise was delayed to March 2021, as its development was suspended by a month due to COVID-19. Monster Hunter Rise is a Switch-exclusive entry in the franchise. Monster Hunter World moved away from local play and focused on online multiplayer. Monster Hunter Rise is going to back to the series roots by focusing on local co-op. […]

New Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay Video Shows Off Great Sword In Action

Capcom has released over seven minutes of Monster Hunter Rise footage, showing off the deadly Great Sword in action. In the clip, you’ll witness the beginning of a typical Monster Hunter mission, showing off map traversal, resource collecting, and a bit of heavy-hitting combat once the target is finally tracked down. The footage starts out […]