GTA 5’s ‘Lamar roasts Franklin’ meme goes IRL with original actors

Lamar-roasting-Franklin in Grand Theft Auto 5 is in danger of going from meme to cliché (both being French words) in the span of a month. But not before the scene’s original actors recreate it IRL, reminding Franklin once again his yee-yee ass haircut is why Tenisha prefers to date doctors and lawyers. Obviously, this dialogue […]

Lamar Roasts Franklin IRL, Bringing The GTA 5 Meme Full Circle

There comes a time in every meme’s life where it must die an honorable death… and then the internet proceeds to beat the joke to death like they’re Trevor in a cutscene. That time might just be at hand for the roasting Franklin meme, as the original GTA 5 voice actors reunited to give their […]