New Pokemon Snap’s Todd Snap Might Be The Worst Photographer Of All Time

Todd Snap, the hero… well, let’s go with ‘protagonist’ of the original Pokemon Snap is back for New Pokemon Snap, and the game seems to think this is a big deal. Of the millions of people playing New Pokemon Snap, roughly seven of them agree that ‘sure, I guess it’s interesting’. Part of the problem […]

New Pokemon Snap’s Centralised Mechanic Misses The Point

New Pokemon Snap has a layered scoring system that – once you understand it – is fairly simple. There are four different star ratings, but these don’t determine quality so much as they do behaviour. Snap Pichu chilling? That’s one star. Capture it leaping out of a flower patch with a crown of petals? That’s […]

New Pokemon Snap’s Rival Is The Worst One In The Series

Pokemon has been hit and miss with rivals throughout the series. Gary and Silver? Hits. Hau? Miss. I’m not sure the villainous teams would officially be rivals, but if they are, Jessie and James are the hits, and most other teams are decent but most individual characters are misses. Sword and Shield is overflowing with […]