Modern Times Group Reports Net Loss of $14.7M, Invests into B2C, Mobile, and Sports Digitalization Products – The Esports Observer

ESL and DreamHack parent Modern Times Group (MTG) reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2021, recording net sales of kr1.01B SEK ($120M USD), up 9.4% compared to kr924M ($110M) in the same quarter last year. The majority of the net sales were generated by the group’s gaming vertical, which recorded kr767M ($91.1M) in net sales or 75.9% of the group’s total net sales, while its esports […]

7 Times VR Did It Better Than The Original Game

Hopefully there will be a day when VR offers the definitive experience for most gaming series, but we’re a long way off from that. Not only do the tight economics of VR support make it hard to justify for many developers but, even when they do add in support or make new VR spin-offs, early […]

Detecting 10 times more bots and stopping fraud with behavioral biometrics

Bots and fraud occur in every app, and in every vertical, said Alon Dayan, Founder and CEO, Unbotify. “In games online, this is a several-billion-dollars problem,” he said. “In our data we see that between five to 15% of the users of online games are actually using bots.” Dayan joined Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer at […]

Modern Times Group Reduces Costs by 25%, Reports Net Loss of $1.27M

ESL and DreamHack parent Modern Times Group (MTG) reported its financial results for the third quarter of 2020, recording net sales of kr912M SEK ($105M USD), down 12.5% compared to kr1.04B ($120M) in the same quarter last year. MTG’s net sales for the quarter ended on Sept. 30, were offset by operating costs before depreciation […]

PS4 load times have just had a massive speed boost in Sony first party games

The PS5 may be only weeks away now but Sony has begun releasing patches that speed up the loading of current gen games, even without a SSD. If you’ve played The Last Of Us Part 2 or Ghost Of Tsushima you would’ve a noticed a very strange but welcome feature: they load incredibly quickly. Like, […]

Xbox Series S cuts load times in The Outer Worlds by 77%

Microsoft has been touting the very short loading times enabled by the Xbox Series X and Series S, and now we have a concrete example of the improvement in The Outer Worlds. In a deep-dive video released Wednesday about the newly announced Xbox Series S, Microsoft demonstrated the difference in loading The Outer Worlds on […]