Genshin Impact: A Guide To Noelle’s Second Hangout Event

Noelle is the first character to get a second part to her Hangout event in Genshin Impact. If you haven’t completed the first part, then you’ll need to complete that first. In this second event, Noelle is still having tons of anxiety about the Knights of Favonius exam, and it’s your job to help her […]

Genshin Impact: A Guide To Diona’s Hangout Event

Diona is the bartender at the Cat’s Tail Bar in Mondstadt. Despite her job, she is still young and absolutely hates alcohol. In fact, Diona’s one goal in life is to ruin the wine industry so that all adults will hate alcohol. This is a far-fetched dream, as any drink that the scheming Diona makes […]

Gears of War maker shifts to Unreal Engine 5, winds down Gears 5 development

Development on Gears 5 is winding down, says The Coalition, as the studio shifts to projects using Unreal Engine 5 for the latest console and PC technology. Gears 5, which launched for Windows PC and Xbox One in September 2019, still has new content on the way, The Coalition said. Plans include Operation 7 and […]

I Can’t Wait To Have Another Drink With Mass Effect’s Dr Chakwas

There are lots of moments I’m looking forward to revisiting in the upcoming Mass Effect remaster. The suicide mission, the Citadel DLC, Tali’s loyalty mission, Virmire… pretty much every moment, to be honest. I’ve replayed the trilogy multiple times, but not for years, so I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff I will have forgotten. […]

Mass Effect N7 Watch Set To Launch Next Week

After recent news about the upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it has now been announced that the game will also have its very own themed wrist watch. Set to release next week, you can grab one for yourself from BioWare’s Gear Store for a hefty $75. Considering the $75 price tag on the watch, you’d think […]

Apple Wants To Have Microsoft’s Support Of Epic Games Thrown Out Of Court

Just as interest in the courtroom drama was starting to wane, Epic v Apple made the news again this week after some explosive details came out in the ongoing trial. Most of it wasn’t even concerning the two industry giants battling it out, but the other companies brought into the fray to explain the situation […]

Returnal Update 1.3.6 Drops Today And Gets Rid Of Save Corruption Bugs

Update 1.3.6 is coming to Returnal later today and aims to fix the save corruption bugs, and put into effect the changes that were supposed to come with an earlier update. Housemarque released a patch for Returnal earlier in the week that was intended to make several changes to the game, but it ended up […]

How Much to Invest Into Fly Fishing Equipment

Fly fishing is an angling method of catching fish that uses an artificial lure known as a fly. The fly is basically an imitation of any insect. The fly is usually cast into the water using a fly rod, reel, and a specialized weighted line. Since this method is a lightweight form of casting, it […]

Nier Replicant: How To Get Blue Marlin

Fishing in Nier Replicant is a great way to earn some gold but is also required for the completion of many fetch quests, including “The Fisherman’s Gambit” quest chain. This series of quests is super important as each time you complete one of the quests, your fishing skill improves, which allows you to catch better […]

Syniti-DMR merger designed to pack punch in a data-driven world

Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. The global pandemic has pushed enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation plans. That means good data management, analytics and governance are more important than ever, according to Kevin Campbell, CEO of enterprise data management firm Syniti. Boston-based Syniti this week announced […]