FIFA 21: A beginners guide to FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) – Daily Esports

One of the biggest appeals of FIFA 21 is its Ultimate Team mode, which players commonly refer to as FUT. In FUT, you collect cards that represent different professional players and use them to form your own team to compete against AI and other people. To get the best squad possible, there are some things you […]

Galactus due to invade Fortnite finale next week

Epic Games has finally confirmed when Galactus will debut in Fortnite, but what he’ll actually do is still a mystery. Fortnite players have always known that Galactus, Marvel’s Devourer of Worlds, would arrive in the game at some point. The question was always when. At long last, Epic Games has confirmed just that. In only […]

Fnatic to sign Upset, replacing Rekkles for 2021 roster – Daily Esports

Fnatic recently found a replacement for Martin “Rekkles” Larsson, and their decision has gotten some mixed up reviews from fans. Elias “Upset” Lipp from Astralis doesn’t have quite the same achievements as Rekkles, and the team knew he would have large shoes to fill. Regardless, joining Fnatic may allow Upset to showcase newfound skills with […]

You May Soon Be Able To Share Your Custom Call Of Duty Weapons On Twitter

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War might be the thing that people are talking about most, having been released just a couple of weeks ago in conjunction with next-gen consoles. However, the innovations that we’ve seen from Cold War are far from the last—Activision has filed for a patent to allow you to […]

Streamers May Soon Be Able To Challenge Their Followers With New Activision Patent

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War is off to a banging start, setting a franchise record for highest first-day digital sales, but publisher Activision isn’t taking long to savor the game’s accolades. Instead, the company has filed for a patent that will allow you (and streamers) to issue challenges to followers and friends—while […]

Pokémon GO level cap raised to 50 and more – Daily Esports

It has been more than four years since the magical summer of 2016 when Pokémon GO first released. Warm summer days wandering around parks and sometimes mild trespassing trying to hunt down a rare Scyther or Dratini. Since then, developer Niantic has introduced Raid Battles, Trainer Battles, and the nefarious Team GO Rocket. Now that […]

K Health raises $42 million to expand its AI-powered telemedicine platform

Tel Aviv-based K Health today closed a $42 million series D round to grow its telemedicine offering, bringing its total raised to date to $139.3 million. Beyond the fundraising, the 250-employee company announced it will collaborate with the Mayo Clinic to integrate the health system’s Clinic Data Analytics Platform, which includes clinical decision support tools for […]

How To Build Half-Life 2 In Fifth Edition Dungeons & Dragons

One of the great travesties in the gaming world is that there is still no tabletop roleplaying version of the Half-Life universe. However, thanks to the versatility of many of the TTRPGs that do exist, there’s a good chance you can take your favorite tabletop roleplaying system and adapt non-tabletop games to fit into it. […]

Hover raises $60 million to streamline home inspections with computer vision

Hover, a startup developing AI-powered apps that create 3D models of homes from smartphone photos, today raised $60 million. The 200-employee company says the proceeds will be used to deepen existing relationships with insurance carriers as Hover expands its product offerings. In 2017, 6.26% of insured homes experienced a claim, compared to just 4.87% in 2014. Usually, […]