WarioWare: Get It Together review — Refreshing and sometimes frustrating

A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.  WarioWare: Mega Microgames for the Game Boy Advance is one of those formative games for me. It showed me that the medium doesn’t always have to fit into neat, pre-determined genres. It helped that the game (with its rapid-fire 5-second action […]

WarioWare: Get It Together Preview – Microgame Marathons Return

The news that WarioWare was returning and making its debut on the Nintendo Switch was met with enthusiasm from fans of the series’ zany pedigree of “microgames.” The franchise’s long-running gimmick of throwing marathons of these simple games that take less than a few seconds to complete has resonated with players since its Game Boy […]

How Valve Put Together The Game Changing Ending For Half-Life: Alyx

I can’t overstate how groundbreaking the ending to Half-Life: Alyx truly is. I’ll be spoiling it in this piece, so you’ve been warned. It takes the infamous conclusion of Half-Life 2: Episode Two and throws it out the window, leaving behind the cliffhanger that has held the franchise back from growth for well over a […]

The "One World: Together at Home" Concert Best Moments

The biggest online party ever, named “One World: Together at Home,” happened this Saturday afternoon. Lady Gaga collaborated with Global Citizen and the World Health Organization and arranged a big online concert where more than 70 artists and numerous celebrities are singing their hearts out, giving support and celebrating healthcare workers who are heroically fighting […]