Halo Infinite Story Trailer And Gameplay Revealed

Xbox and Bethesda are here for E3 2021 and among the announcements is a new look at Halo Infinite. Following the previous Infinite gameplay reveal before the launch of the Xbox Series X and S, 343 Industries shared an extensive Halo Infinite gameplay trailer. Unfortunately, not everyone was happy with what they saw, so the […]

E3 Reuploads Trailer To Remove PS5 Controller

E3 has quietly deleted and reuploaded its trailer to remove a PS5 DualSense from the opening montage. Sony is skipping E3 for the third year in a row, so the controller has been removed from the array of gaming paraphernalia shown at the trailer’s opening. The trailer initially opened with a variety of hands swirling […]

Arcane trailer takes us into an animated world of League of Legends

Arcane, the first full League of Legends animated series, has a trailer. Riot and Netflix released the first look at the series on Friday as part of Netflix’s Geeked Week event. The series seems to mostly take place in the the wonderful techno-paradise of Piltover and its twin city Zaun, a place of unchecked technological […]

New Elden Ring Trailer Revealed, Release Date Set For January 2022

It’s been 84 years (cue Titanic music). In all seriousness, the “when will we get Elden Ring news” question has almost become a game within itself, and now? We’ve finally got another look at the latest FromSoftware adventure thanks to Summer Game Fest ahead of E3 2021.  Elden Ring is the latest game to come […]

New Gameplay Trailer Released For Heart Machine’s Solar Ash

Heart Machine’s Hyper Light Drifter made quite a splash among indie game fans when it came out back in 2016. Naturally, fans of that title have been anxiously waiting to play their next title, Solar Ash, which was announced back in 2019. Today, as part of the Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live stream, we got […]

Battlefield 2042 Trailer Shows Off An Impressive Evolution Of The FPS Franchise

At long last! Following numerous rumors and Bad Company 3 disappointments, the next step in the Battlefield franchise has been revealed. Introducing Battlefield 2042, an FPS experience set in the near future that challenges players to become something called a Non-Patriot after a refugee crisis overtakes what we know to be everyday life.  Non-Patriots, or […]

New Back 4 Blood Trailer Lets You Get Comfy With The Cleaners

Turtle Rock Studios has just dropped a brand new Back 4 Blood trailer, this time letting interested fans learn a little more about the playable slaying crew in the Left 4 Dead spiritual successor. Meet The Cleaners, eight different personalities that are more than just their zombie-slaying abilities. But we’ll also be learning about those […]

Wreckfest trailer shows off PS5 version, which is a $9.99 upgrade

On Wednesday, Sony announced that PlayStation Plus’ free games lineup for May would carry the PlayStation 4 version of Wreckfest — but only for PlayStation 5 owners. A trailer for the game on Thursday explains, obliquely, why that’s the case: When the demolition derby sim’s PS5 version launches on June 1, those who own the […]

WWE 2K22 Teaser Trailer Promises To ‘Hit Different’

After a year away, 2K announced it’s stepping back in the wrestling video game arena with the reveal of WWE 2K22. The publisher debuted a brief teaser video during Night 1 of Wrestlemania 37 that doesn’t offer much in terms of in-game footage but serves to get fans excited that the series is making a […]