Apex Legends Turns on Double XP After New Battle Pass Bug

Apex Legends players will earn double XP towards their season 7 battle pass until next week’s patch, developer Respawn announced yesterday. This change comes after some players reported losing battle pass progress in a recent update. Respawn came under fire for the game’s season 7 battle pass, which many players felt was too “grindy.” Apex […]

Warframe’s Greatest Bug Turns You Into A Skull-Faced Corncob

The greatest bug Warframe has ever seen turns you into a corncob with a skull for a face. No, really. Heart of Deimos added a ton of new content to Warframe, not the least of which is the third open-world of Deimos. There’s new K-Drives, new mods, new weapons, a whole new Warframe, and of […]

Crafty Modder Turns Wii-Console Into A Handheld Game Boy Color

A modder has created a handheld version of the Nintendo Wii that is the exact same size as a Gameboy Color. PlayStation and Xbox might be preparing for the next generation of console, but as always, Nintendo is happily, and successfully, doing its own thing. As has been the Nintendo way for a while now, […]

COVID-19 pandemic turns console gamers to digital sales in record numbers

Console video game sales will be a majority-digital marketplace when the next generation launches in a few months, and the novel coronavirus carried them over that threshold. That’s the inescapable feeling after video gaming’s major publishers touted huge surges in their installation bases and online sales — full-copy games as well as microtransactions — during […]

Alan Wake Turns 10, And Is Coming To Game Pass This Month

Remedy Entertainment’s spooky narrative action game, Alan Wake, is heading to Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC. It will go live on the subscription service on May 21. The announcement was made during a stream commemorating the 10th anniversary of the game, which originally launched on Xbox 360 and PC. A small expansion, […]

Modder KawaiiStacie Turns The Sims 4 Into Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Recently, the Sims community has been overrun with Simmers turning their attention to a new game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The popular Nintendo Switch title is a sandbox life simulator, and as such, has a huge appeal for Sims fans. However, with Switch’s being expensive and in short supply, not everyone who wants to play […]

MotoGP 20 Review – Tough Turns

I’ve played many racing games, but MotoGP 20 is a new kind of challenge that I wholeheartedly embrace. The high-speed, demanding bikes require a slightly different approach from the traditional race car techniques I’m accustomed to, breeding an internal competition for understanding and mastery that leads to a heightened tension on the track. This creates […]

Level-5’s New Game Turns Yo-Kai Watch’s Jibanyan Into A Cute Anime Girl

Armored Girls returns to mobile and brings Yo-kai Watch’s Jibanyan with it. Originally a browser game that launched in 2017, Armored Girls was a spinoff of Little Battlers Experience, an action RPG franchise that first appeared on the PSP and Nintendo 3DS in the early 2010s. Like so many browser games out of Japan, Armored […]

Streamer’s PC Build Turns Into Smoking Fire Hazard

Just in case any amateurs were in doubt: no, all of that smoke is not a good sign. Commiserations, Fastaction99. There are various different types of PC gamers. Some take their rigs super seriously, ensuring that they’re always up to the specs of the most demanding games on the market. To remain on the cutting […]