New Among Us patch adds anonymous voting, colorblind support

A new patch for Among Us was released on Monday, adding some highly anticipated features, like colorblind support for the wire-fixing tasks. Now each side of the wires will have symbols, so you’ll know which ends to line up, even if you have a hard time parsing the colors. In addition to this, accessories, like […]

Among Us Has Plans To Add Accounts, A New Map, And Colorblind Support

Among Us is still a very popular game, if current Twitch viewer numbers are any indication. Developer Innersloth has dedicated themselves to making their hidden role game the best it can be with a brand new patch that appeared on Monday that adds new Task Bar modes and the first of many changes to add […]

How To Play Among Us With A New Horror-Like Game Mode

I usually try to hop on Among Us once a week to link up with my friends back home and get rowdy either trying to get away with virtual murder or ratting each other out. But they like to keep things spicy. So, they put together a sort of alternate game mode by customizing the […]

It’s Time Valve Gave Us A Team Fortress 3

Team Fortress 2 first launched in 2007 and grew to become on of the most popular team shooter games for a PC, and Valve is long overdue a sequel. Diverse Classes, Great Weapons, Endless Fun To say that Team Fortress 2 was popular is a major understatement. Even thirteen years after its release, there have […]

The Last Of Us Part 2 Drops To $40 On PSN After Prime Day

One of Amazon Prime Day’s biggest game deals was The Last of Us Part II for $40, but if you missed out on snagging the game at that price, you have another chance to take advantage of the discount digitally. Starting today, The Last of Us Part II is down to $40.19 on the PlayStation […]

The Last Of Us 2 Drops To $40 For Prime Day Deal, Is Playable On PS5

One of 2020’s biggest games, The Last of Us Part II, is on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2020, which gives you a perfect opportunity to play it now or to get prepared to do so on PS5 next month. Amazon has dropped Naughty Dog’s acclaimed PS4 game to just $40, which is the cheapest […]

Mod Corner: Among Us Crashes Star Wars Battlefront II With This Mod

Sometimes with Mod Corner we have really helpful ways to enrich game experiences. Other times, we have shenanigans. The latest move for our mod recommendation feature falls under the latter corner with Among Us crashing yet another game: Star Wars Battlefront II.  The latest Mod Corner recommendation comes by way of Nexus user ‘TheAsianRedneck’. The […]

Among Us Is For Kids Too (So Be More Mindful In Public Lobbies, Please)

As Among Us continues to be one of the most popular games around, it may be worth reminding those who go into its public lobbies that social courtesy should not go out the airlock when you boot up the game. Although it can be easy to forget, Among Us is both cheap (or free) and […]

Someone Reenacted Among Us In The Sims 4

What is the true mark of popularity? Millions of downloads? Even more millions of dollars in net revenue? Or is it when someone decides to create your game in a completely different game for no other reason than it’s sort of hilarious? Welcome to Xmiramira’s version of Among Us, which is actually a heavily modded […]

Among Us Imposter Joins Star Wars Battlefront 2 In Dumb Mod

Among Us is one of those rags to riches stories that so rarely happens in the video game industry. It’s been out on mobile and Steam for years, but it never got its due until a bunch of streamers started playing it and showing their fans just how awesome the hidden role game could be. […]