Apparent Leak: HP & Valve's New SteamVR WMR Headset

Prolific Microsoft leaker WalkingCat just Tweeted what seems to be images of HP & Valve’s upcoming new WMR headset and Microsoft’s new VR controllers. “WalkingCat” has a long history of accurate Microsoft leaks, revealing some of the company’s products and services in the past. In late March, just after the release of Half-Life: Alyx, HP […]

Valve Honors Team Fortress 2 Voice Actor With In-Game Memorial

Valve is paying tribute to Rick May, the voice actor famous for his portrayal of Soldier in Team Fortress 2. In an update to the game, Valve is letting players grieve the loss of an iconic voice with several tributes. Statues of the Soldier have appeared in the game, which depict the character and read:“Rick May 1940-2020 […]

Valve Is Supposedly Taking Another Shot At The Steam Controller

If a new patent is anything to go by, Valve is taking another crack at the “Steam Controller.” Roughly five years ago, Valve unleashed its own take on the gamepad for use with its digital distribution service Steam. Created with haptic feedback trackpads to better mimic mouse movement, the peripheral never quite took on with […]

Valve: More games are finding success on Steam than ever before

Steam is still one of the better ways for developers to make money from their games. But with thousands of new releases hitting Valve Software’s PC gaming store each year, it can seem like that opportunity is dwindling. But that’s not the case for most games, according to a report from Valve. The company has […]

Future of Valve VR, Next Gen HP Headset & Huge New Releases!

Welcome to another swift roundup of the week’s top VR stories, releases and more! You can probably already guess the direction this episode is going to take, but we’ve got more than just Half-Life: Alyx to talk about. First, not only did Half-Life: Alyx release, but we got the low-down on the future of VR […]

Valve Opens Up About Why Half-Life 2: Episode Three Never Happened

Yesterday’s release of Half-Life: Alyx has ushered in a new era for Valve. Not content to simply let its massively popular Steam marketplace sell other games, the company is making a grand return to the type of experiences that made it a household name. Half-Life fans have waited more than a decade for this moment, […]