Pokemon Was A Top 10 Selling Global Brand In 2020

Pokemon generated $5.1 billion in sales in 2020, landing it in the world’s top ten licensors for the very first time. 2020 was a difficult year for just about everyone. On the business side of things, pretty much every company on the planet had to adjust in order to thrive and maybe even survive. In […]

E3 2021 Was A Bust

Over the last week, gamers got what they have come to expect at the beginning of the summer. A slew of big game announcements, thrilling trailers, and gameplay reveals set the stage for the coming year and showed an industry eager to stride into the future after the shared hardship of the last year in […]

Sony Was Smart To Skip E3

I hate the console wars. Up until the most recent PS5 and Xbox Series X/S generation, I’ve only ever owned one console at a time. I started out with the PS1 – yes, I’m that young/old (please delete as applicable), then moved on to the PS2. However, the next generation had me jump ship to […]

E3’s Greatest Reveal Was Kevin Hart Leaving Randy Pitchford Hanging

We got next to nothing in the way of news for the Borderlands movie during the Gearbox Showcase. CEO Randy Pitchford just kind of wandered about the set in between trailers for 30 minutes, interviewing big names we already knew were attached to the project. Perhaps E3 did deliver in some way though because, for […]

The Last Of Us’ Joel Was Never A Hero

The Last of Us Part 2 is an award-laden near-masterpiece that sold a wealth of copies, breaking records left, right, and center, but there is a very vocal minority that refuses to let go of one aspect: Joel’s story. Yet, they often fail to grasp this singular, simple thing. He was never a hero, nor was he […]

What if Final Fantasy 7 was an N64 game?

Final Fantasy is inescapable. There’s a good chance you’ve played one of its 50-plus numbered entries or spinoffs. Maybe you’ve even watched the direct-to-DVD movies, seen the soundtrack performed live, or gotten Cloud’s sword tattooed on your body. But there is a world where you didn’t. It’s a world where the tumultuous development of Final […]

2020 Was Dungeons & Dragons’ Best Year Yet

Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. and the developer and publisher of both Magic: the Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons recently announced that 2020 was D&D’s best year ever. The brand now sports over 50 million fans worldwide and is in its seventh year of consecutive growth. This is despite the COVID-19 pandemic […]

"Lifeline Was Just Boring" – Respawn Talks About Apex Legends’ Lifeline Tweaks

Lifeline’s abilities are due for an overhaul in Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy, and that’s because she was “just boring,” or at least that’s how Respawn Entertainment’s Daniel Klein felt about the fan-favourite character. Apex Legends’ ninth season launches on May 4, and brings with it a new Legend, Valkyrie, an Olympus overhaul, and a […]