Iron Gate Reveals Valheim Was Made By Five People, Exceeded Expectations

In an interview with PC Gamer, Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios, developer of co-op survival game Valheim, spoke about the game’s influences, which he says are more linked to single player RPGs like Zelda and Skyrim than conventional survival games, and the tiny team that worked on the game. Törnqvist also revealed that […]

AGDQ Online Was A Huge Success, But Its Return To Onsite Events Will Be Bigger Than Ever

Awesome Games Done Quick, commonly referred to as AGDQ, is one of the most revered speedrunning marathons on the planet. Attracting talented runners from all over the world, AGDQ celebrates a vast and varied catalogue of games, from established classics like Pokemon Blue and Ocarina of Time, to nicher speedrunning mainstays like Mirror’s Edge. All […]

Report: Mass Effect 2 was once a bit more gay, but then Fox News happened

As far as big budget video games go, Mass Effect has traditionally been a pretty progressive franchise that allows for a variety of different romances, depending on your character’s sexual orientation. But during the development of Mass Effect 2, one potential affair was apparently tweaked due to a scaremongering news clip. Players of the galactic […]

Mikyx says he was one of G2's options for starting ADC in 2021 before Rekkles

We could have seen Mikyx in a new role this year. G2 Esports are coming into the 2021 Spring Split as the overwhelming favorite to win the LEC championship. But things could have looked a lot different if the League of Legends team hadn’t signed star AD carry Rekkles during the offseason. In an interview […]

Brad Venable Was The Voice Of Venom In Venom (2018), But Was Uncredited

Brad Venable, who lent his voice to countless video games, was also the voice of Venom in the 2018 movie starring Tom Hardy. There’s a very real chance you won’t recognize either the name or the face of Brad Venable. You might not even recognize his voice, even though it’s almost certain that you will […]

2020 Was The Final Nail In The Wii U’s Coffin

The Nintendo Switch had a relatively dry year in terms of new releases, and several of its key games meant bringing over some of the last exclusives from the Wii U, further sealing the fate of the system. The Wii U was a criminally overlooked system during its day, and it received many incredible games that […]

Phasmophobia Was The Most Fun I Had In 2020

It’s December and we’re on the cusp of 2021. At this point, it’s not controversial to state that 2020 has collectively been the worst for all of us. Like a lot of my friends, I’ve had trouble finding time to disconnect from the chaos of it all and enjoy myself. But then I discovered Phasmophobia. […]

No, CDPR Was Not Forced To Release Cyberpunk Too Early

At the risk of exhausting myself by refuting claims made by gamers this week, I once again have to dispel some baseless rhetoric I’ve seen floating around the comment section on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. No, CD Projekt Red was not “forced” to release Cyberpunk 2077 too early because gamers were big mad. The chosen […]

Monster Hunter Rise Was Delayed By A Month Due To COVID

Monster Hunter Rise was delayed to March 2021, as its development was suspended by a month due to COVID-19. Monster Hunter Rise is a Switch-exclusive entry in the franchise. Monster Hunter World moved away from local play and focused on online multiplayer. Monster Hunter Rise is going to back to the series roots by focusing on local co-op. […]