Demeo Will Have Oculus Store Cross-Buy Between Rift & Quest

Tabletop role-playing game Demeo will offer cross-buy between the Oculus store versions of the game for Quest and Rift, according to an update from one of Resolution Games’ representatives on Discord. The new game is out now for $29.99 on Oculus Quest and Steam, with a Rift store version planned as well. Though the Rift […]

MODOK Looks Like It Will Be Marvel’s Harley Quinn

DC’s Harley Quinn animation, led by Kaley Cuoco as the titular heroine-villainess-antihero, is my favourite new cartoon in a long time, probably since BoJack Horseman. Animation is infamously hard to nail, especially because it seems to have a bit of a ceiling in terms of both audience and credibility. Because of that, too many shows […]

7 Animation Trends that Will Rule 2021

Advertising has perhaps the most crucial role in the fate of a new good or service. As a result, this industry is constantly evolving. It has reached a totally new stage of promoting and presenting products via animation. The method evades the constraints of live-action commercials and lets your imagination take flight. Even the most […]

Apple will focus on machine learning, AI jobs in new NC campus

Join Transform 2021 this July 12-16. Register for the AI event of the year. (Reuters) — Apple on Monday said it will establish a new campus in North Carolina that will house up to 3,000 employees, expand its operations in several other U.S. states and increase its spending targets with U.S. suppliers. Apple said it […]

Nier Replicant Will Have A Surprise For "Fans Of Dad Nier"

Fans of Papa Nier will have something to look forward to in Nier: Replicant according to a PCGamesN interview with producer Yosuke Saito. The interview talks about a lot of the content that will be featured in Replicant, but one of the bigger reveals comes with the promise of “something for fans of Dad Nier”. For […]

Lego Mario Will Sometimes Shout "Luigi" After New Update

Lego Mario has started calling out for Luigi following a new update, indicating that the better Mario brother might be making his way to Lego. As reported by Eurogamer, the discovery was made by Twitter user AyliffeMakit who was messing around with Mario after a new treasure hunt update. Upon waking up from an idle […]

Age of Empires 4 will have 4 new campaigns and 8 playable civilizations at launch

It’s been over 15 years since the last numbered Age of Empires game, but we finally know a few more details about the series’ impending return. During a fan event livestream on Saturday, developer Relic Entertainment revealed a few new things about its upcoming sequel, Age of Empires 4, including a look at one of […]

Baldur’s Gate 3 "Will Be Very Different At Launch," Larian Studios Said

Baldur’s Gate 3 is still shaping up to become, hopefully, one of the pillars of the CRPG genre in the upcoming years. Larian Studios promised the game “will change considerably” by comparison to the current early access version. Moreover, fans should be ready that the project may not leave the ongoing phase anytime soon. Larian […]