Final Fantasy 16 Will Be "Action-Oriented" And Accessible To Players With Less Skill

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise have an exciting year ahead. Square Enix announced that the newest chapter, Final Fantasy 16, should be released before the end of 2021. As we patiently wait for more updates, it was revealed by the game’s producer that this installment would be “action-orientated” and support less-skilled players. Speaking to Nova […]

PS CEO Jim Ryan Says Sony Will Continue To Support Japanese PS5 Game Development

PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan says the platform will continue to support Japanese developers following suggestions that the company was more focused on western game releases. In an interview with Famitsu, Ryan said that all of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) studios are important to the company. “We’re really happy and proud of the PlayStation Studios titles […]

Games Inbox: When will Bethesda release Fallout 5?

The Monday Inbox is impressed that Call Of Duty has managed to reinvent itself again, as one reader wants more games like Sonic 2006. To join in with the discussions yourself email [email protected] Slow falloutI noticed Fallout 3 being mentioned in the weekend Hot Topic, and I found myself nodding along with the idea that […]

Tim Burton Will Direct a Wednesday Addams Series For Netflix

While rumors of this project’s development have been floating around for a few months, no streaming service had been tied to it. Now, Netflix has given the go-ahead for an eight-episode series. According to Variety, the aptly titled “Wednesday” will be a young-adult TV series described as “a sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams’ […]

System Shock 2 VR Will Have Co-Op, Cross-Play With PC

Nightdive Studios’ upcoming System Shock 2 VR port will feature full co-op multiplayer support, and can even be played with others running the game on PC. Studio CEO Stephen Kick confirmed as much in a recent interview with IGN, also reaffirming that the entire game was being ported to VR as part of a new […]

E3 2021 will be online only reveals leaked documents

For the second year running there will be no physical E3 event in the summer, as publishers consider whether to support an online show. In entirely unsurprising news, E3 organisers the ESA have seemingly abandoned plans to hold a physical event for E3 this year and are now trying to organise an online version instead. […]

Pigeon Simulator Will Let You Steal Donuts From Cops And Poop On Everyone

Goat Simulator and Untitled Goose Game may have brought attention to the world of animal-based games, but Pigeon Simulator is hoping to take things to new heights. Published by tinyBuild, the off-the-wall adventure game sees you take control of a problem-causing pigeon – pooping on everything in sight and stealing donuts from unsuspecting cops. I’m […]

The Mandalorian Will Hunt You For Credits In Fortnite’s New LTM

A new Mandalorian LTM will land in Fortnite today via the 15.30 update where the bounty hunter will track down and eliminate the player with the most credits. Fortnite’s 15.30 update goes live today and with it comes a brand new LTM all about The Mandalorian. Players of the Mando’s Bounty LTM will have three lives […]

Gods Will Fall Review – A Game That Falls Before Its Gods Can

Gods Will Fall begins with a revolt. Soured after countless years spent under the deific thumb of a cruel pantheon, ordinary people band together with crude axes and maces wrought of wonky iron and congealed blood, hacking and slashing their way through legions of vicious thralls. The single sentiment uniting this ragtag army is a […]