Transform World showcases transformative data technologies

Where does your enterprise stand on the AI adoption curve? Take our AI survey to find out. On top of Transform 2021 coming up July 12-16, we’ll be partners in a global federation of events about data and AI technologies called Transform World. This week-long series of partner events gathers the latest data, AI, and […]

Creating The World Of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy – Exclusive Interview

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy releases this October, and as part of our exclusive coverage of the game, we sat down for an exclusive interview with the game’s Senior Creative Director, Jean-François Dugas, about how his team at Eidos Montreal is creating a faithful but truly unique story in the Marvel Games universe. We learned about […]

Super Mario World Wide Screen Now Available For Download

Super Mario World originally came out all the way back in 1990 on the SNES, yet it’s a game that’s still relevant today. Considering how groundbreaking the game was when it came out, it remains in many people’s top Nintendo games through the ages. Luckily for us, the game remaining popular means that we continue […]

Opinion: World Chase Tag is an Esport — Hear Me Out – The Esports Observer

Over the last 18 months or so, we’ve seen Twitch really open up more to traditional sports content. More athletes are streaming on the platform than ever before, there’s a whole category dedicated to sports, and workout streams are becoming more and more common. Twitch even held its own powerlifting competition. This embrace of traditional […]

Monster Hunter World: How To Get And Use The Rocksteady Mantle

The Rocksteady Mantle is one of the many different Mantles you can obtain and use in Monster Hunter World. For those unfamiliar with the MH games (of which this is one of the best), they are essentially wearable cloaks that you temporarily throw on over your armor to trigger a variety of different effects or to buff […]

World Pro Racing names ES1 as French broadcasting partner – Esports Insider

Simulation racing event organiser World Pro Racing (WPR) has named French esports television channel ES1 as its French broadcasting partner.  The partnership will see the channel broadcast a range of sim racing events and championship set to take place in the coming months. RELATED: Esports Insider teams up with sim racing organiser World Pro Racing ES1 becomes the latest […]