Where You Can Get A VR Headset For Half-Life: Alyx (March 2020)

Half-Life: Alyx is out now, and according to GameSpot’s Half-Life: Alyx review, it has “made good on its shift to VR, it has elevated many of the aspects we’ve come to love about Half-Life games.” If you haven’t gotten a VR headset to play it yet, you may be waiting a little while. Some of the best deals have now sold out, and if you want a Valve Index, then you’re going to have to wait a couple months before your order ships–and that’s if you place your order right now. Of course, Half-Life: Alyx isn’t the only great VR game. There are now plenty of impressive VR titles, including Beat Saber, Superhot VR, Pistol Whip, and Boneworks–and more are on the way, including Phantom: Covert Ops and Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

Unfortunately, finding a VR headset, let alone a deal on one, is hard right now. The only headset that gets regular discounts. the Samsung HMD Odyssey+, is sold out everywhere, and Oculus’s Quest and Rift S headsets are out of stock as well. You can find these headsets at a mark-up on Amazon, but we’d advise against purchasing any headset above its regular price. However, if you’re interested in PlayStation VR, the great five-game mega pack is still available at Walmart with free shipping. You can see some of the notable headset offers below. We know there’s interest in Half-Life: Alyx, so we’ve made a note of pointing out which ones will be ready to go for its March release date.

Best VR deals and discounts

Valve Index | $999

New orders ship after eight weeks; compatible with Half-Life: Alyx

Though the game is compatible with a variety of VR devices, Half-Life: Alyx is designed with Valve’s own headset, the Index, in mind. That makes it the best way to experience the game, assuming you have the money to spend on this top-of-the-line machine. If you already have the base stations (Vive headset owners should have them), you can save yourself some cash. If you absolutely have to play Alyx the way it’s meant to be played, this is the way to do it.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite | $899

Arrives late April; Compatible with Half-Life: Alyx

The HTC Vive Cosmos features inside-out tracking, but the Cosmos Elite relies on Lighthouse base stations, similar to HTC’s Vive Pro headset. HTC claims this provides “precise movements” that will deliver a better experience to gamers. In addition to the headset, controllers, and base stations, it also comes with a six-month membership to Viveport Infinity, a service that provides access to a library of VR apps and games. You can pre-order it now for $899.

Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Mixed Reality Headset | starts at $359

Compatible with Half-Life: Alyx

If you’re looking to get into the PC VR field for cheap, Amazon has a pretty good deal for you. Right now, you can get Samsung’s Mixed Reality headset, the HMD Odyssey+, from a number of third-party Amazon sellers starting at $359. It works with most PC VR games, making it the cheapest option to play Half-Life: Alyx right now.

PlayStation VR Mega Pack Bundle | $342

If you want a VR headset but don’t care about Half-Life: Alyx, you should really consider getting a PSVR. Although it’s not currently discounted, the Mega Pack bundle is the best way to buy one right now, as it comes with five great games, all of which offer something different. Pick it up at B&H Photo Video while supplies last.

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Square Enix Doesn’t Want You Spoiling Final Fantasy VII Remake (Despite Doing It On Twitter)

The people who have had their eyes shut and their fingers in their ears since the late nineties will need to block their senses for a little longer, as Square Enix is asking fans not to spoil Final Fantasy VII Remake on social media if they receive their copy early.

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most important video games that has ever been released and it has some of the most iconic moments in gaming history. The fans have been speaking openly about the secrets of the game since it was first released and only totally new fans who have little knowledge of the series will be playing Final Fantasy VII Remake unspoiled.

Related: You Might Receive Your Final Fantasy VII Remake Pre-Order Early

However, Final Fantasy VII Remake will feature new content that wasn’t present in the original version of the game and the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Twitter account is asking fans not to spoil it for others. Square Enix is aware that there are many spoilers regarding the content from Final Fantasy VII, but fans could receive their copy early and they don’t want them spoiling things on Facebook or Twitter.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will only cover the Midgar portion of the original story, but its content has been expanded to the length of a full game. As such, there are lots of new characters and scenes in the game that have been shown in the trailer, including a member of SOLDIER who pursues AVALANCHE throughout Midgar, ghostly apparitions that are hunting Aerith, and a new scene where the Shinra Headquarters is under attack.

Fans have been waiting for Final Fantasy VII Remake for decades, yet copies of the game are out in the wild and the Internet is going to be a minefield for the people who are trying to avoid spoilers for the next few weeks. It’s unlikely that Square Enix is going to drastically change the story of Final Fantasy VII Remake, but we hope that fans maintain a code of silence for a few more weeks, so that everyone can enjoy the game on equal footing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released for PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.

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Pokemon Go Will Let You Do Raids From Home Soon

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic forcing many parts of the country into lockdown, Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been tweaking the hit AR mobile game to make it easier to play while social distancing. As part of the changes, the studio has recently begun offering 1 PokeCoin bundles in the in-game store and removed the walking requirement to take part in the Go Battle League, and it will soon let players participate in Raids from afar as well.

In a new blog post, Niantic outlined some further changes it will make to Pokemon Go. One of the most notable is that you won’t need to leave your home in order to join Raids. “You’ll soon be able to team up with friends and take on Raid Battles together in Pokemon Go from the comfort of home,” the developer wrote.

This is certainly a welcome change, as players previously needed to physically travel to a Gym where a Raid was taking place in order to join the battle. Raids are one of the few ways you can catch rare Legendary Pokemon, which are typically only available for a limited time, and this adjustment will ensure that everyone will have a chance to capture these monsters while they’re in the game.

That’s not the only change Niantic is making. The developer says it is also “working on an entirely new way to enjoy Pokemon Go Fest” this year, and it will also adjust the Adventure Sync feature so that it tracks your steps while performing indoor tasks “like cleaning your house and running on a treadmill.”

Beyond that, Niantic is also working on a handy new feature for Pokemon Go called Today View. This tab will display ongoing and upcoming in-game events, as well as personal stats, such as your daily streaks and what Pokemon you currently have defending Gyms, making it easier to keep track of what’s currently happening in the game.

A new Legendary Pokemon is also set to debut very soon. Landorus, the final member of the Forces of Nature trio, will be appearing in Raids from March 31 to April 21. The Mythical Pokemon Genesect is also set to debut in EX Raids in April, following its appearance as part of the recent Drive to Investigate Special Research story event.

Pokemon Go News

  • Pokemon Go Adding Mythical Pokemon Genesect This Week As A Paid Event
  • Pokemon Go's Legendary Raid Weekend Events Are Being Extended
  • Pokemon Go Thundurus: Best Counters, Weaknesses, Go Battle League Reward, And Battling Tips
  • Pokemon Go March 2020 Field Research Tasks

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You Can’t Buy Cards In Artifact 2.0

In Artifact 2.0, you can’t buy cards. Period.

So when Valve decided to take down Artifact, one of the primary complaints that players had against the game was the way it was monetized. You couldn’t get new cards from just playing the game, and instead, you had to buy card packs like you would in real life. But unlike in real life, you couldn’t trade those cards to other players to get the cards you wanted.

This meant that the richest players had the best decks because they could afford to buy as many packs as necessary to make the best deck while everyone else had mediocre decks that couldn’t compete.

There were a lot of other problems with Artifact, but being “pay-to-win” was the big one. Valve eventually changed Artifact to allow players to trade cards, but by then it was far too little too late and the game was taken down to be completely redesigned.

Fast forward to today and we’re getting details on just what that redesign entails. And what it entails is a monetization mode completely divorced from purchasing cards.

“We have some ideas about what we’d like to sell, but none of them are cards/packs,” writes Valve in their recent announcement, confirming the only way to acquire new cards is by playing the game.

This is huge and is bound to make Artifact fans happy. Check out the Steam page for full details on Artifact 2.0 and how you can get in on the closed beta.

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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On Resident Evil 3’s Resistance Mode

Resident Evil has traditionally been a survival-horror franchise with a focus on moody isolation, which runs counter to the idea of online multiplayer modes. However, Resident Evil 3 includes an online asymmetrical 4v1 mode called Resistance that actually does a stellar job capturing the horror inherent in the series. In Resistance, a group of four survivors works together to escape the sadistic tests set up by the Machiavellian Umbrella corporation. Meanwhile, a single player-controlled mastermind works from the shadows to keep you in line and destroy your morale. It’s more fun than I suspected and might be worth your time. 

Each match is split into three stages where survivors work to complete various goals. In the first stage, you scour the environments for keys to unlock the next area. In the next stage, you hack a series of computers while avoiding monsters. And in the final stage, you race across the map and work to destroy a number of experimental equipment. As players take down roaming zombies and other enemies they earn Umbrella cash that can be used to buy new weapons, herbs, and other tools at the beginning of each round.

For my first match, I play as the absurdly named Martin Sandwich. All of Resistance’s survivors have their own unique skills, and Martin is an engineering genius who can disable traps around the battlefield and use his flash baton to stun enemies. Using one of Martin’s skills, I ping the environment, which highlights objects on the map for the rest of my team. However, when I wander too far from the group I become an easy meal. It’s hard to play Resistance as a lone wolf, and teams of survivors need to stick together to survive. 

Martin is a good example of a support character, but if you want to be on the front lines, you can play as someone like Samuel Jordan. This young bruiser used to train as a boxer, which makes him an ideal shield for the rest of the team. I love Sam’s dash punch, which allows him to quickly close in on zombies. Sam is also skilled in the use of melee weapons, such as bats and sledgehammers, which easily tear through groups of undead monsters. 

Playing as a survivor is only half of the Resistance experience, and I probably had the most fun when I jumped into the shoes of a mastermind. The mastermind works behind the scenes laying traps and working to prevent the survivors from escaping before time runs out. Masterminds start with a complete view of the map and can see the location of all the survivors’ goals. They are also dealt a hand of random cards, which can be used to summon various monsters or lay trip mines. Masterminds can also get their hands dirty by directly controlling anything they spawn, but I felt that I was just as effective when I let my spawn run wild. 

Iconic villains such as Annette Birkin and Ozwell Spencer return for the role of mastermind. During my turn at the controls, I play as Alex Wesker and I laughed with demented glee as I unleashed a small army of zombie dogs on a group of unwitting survivors. Each mastermind has their own ultimate attack, which allows them to do things like unleash Tyrants onto the battlefield or set up deadly laser fields that kill anyone they touch. Alex’s ultimate is a monstrous plant, which looks a bit like Plant 42 from the original Resident Evil. This plant’s vines whip out in all directions and it devours two survivors before they finally subdue my creature. 

Over the years, Capcom has experimented with a lot of different multiplayer modes within the Resident Evil universe, but they have rarely left a lasting impact. However, I started having fun with Residence the moment I picked up the controller. Coordinating with a group of survivors is a lot of fun and manages to remain tense and scary. Meanwhile, the mastermind offers a more strategic level of play that we haven’t seen in a Resident Evil game before, but one that I’m actually interested in exploring more when Resident Evil 3 launches. We’ll have to wait for the final release to see if Resistance has staying power, but this is the most promising new mode we’ve seen from the series in a long time. Stay tuned for our upcoming review. 

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Lirik proves you don't need bullets or a vehicle to get a kill in Call of Duty: Warzone

He’s an improviser.

Lirik is no stranger to being clipped like crazy on Twitch. But usually, it’s from when he does something silly or funny. Today, he showed off his gameplay prowess in a big way.

During today’s Twitch Rivals Warzone Streamer Showdown, Lirik was hunting kills and wins as he parachuted off of a skyscraper to land on a rooftop above another player.

Lirik fired an RPG at the enemy, and then emptied 26 bullets from an M13 to break their armor, but quickly found out that he was completely out of ammo after recently returning from the Gulag.

Luckily, Lirik had a grenade, and that was all he needed. As he realized he was completely out of ammo, he did not panic. He instead put on his chef’s hat and cooked a grenade, patiently, and bounced it at the feet of the enemy, destroying him and sending him to the Gulag.

Oftentimes Lirik is looked at as a variety streamer, but he definitely has a ton of skills in FPS games as well. He’s played Counter-Strike for years and has been enjoying his time in Warzone thus far.

Lirik and many other top streamers are playing in Call of Duty: Warzone in Twitch Rivals today, so be sure to check out the streams.

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Cross-Play: Games You Can Play With Friends Across PS4, Xbox One, Switch, And PC

For many, the deciding factor when buying a game is whether they can play it with their friends. There’s certainly a lot of fun to be had when diving into a thriving online community, where you can jump into matches against opponents or go on fun quests with allies, and more games have begun to place a larger focus on making online play engaging and fun to invest time in. However, a common hindrance to enjoying these online-centric games can be boiled down to whether or not you’re playing on the right platform. Whether it’s low player populations, or if your friends are all on a different system, these things can put a divide between periods of frustration and having a good time.

In recent years, cross-play has become more common with online games, allowing people to play with or against others on different platforms. The inclusion of cross-platform play has not only given fading games a second chance, but it’s also unified online communities, removing the barriers placed by platform ecosystems. Microsoft has been leading the way with cross-play for Windows 10 and Xbox One, while Sony has steadily loosened up its attitudes on cross-play due to the success of games like Fortnite and PUBG.

So with that, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting and exciting games that offer cross-play between platforms. Games with crossplay can be a great way to keep up with friends on different platforms and stay social during our present times, even while you’re engaging in fast-paced fights or having some ridiculous fun in an open world. In addition to cross-play trailblazers games like Rocket League and Hearthstone, we’ve also included more recent picks such as Borderlands 3, which brought together player bases from Steam and the Epic Games Store. For more on new games that will have cross-play, along with next-gen updates for PS5 and Xbox Series X, be sure to check back with GameSpot.

Rocket League: Cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

When it comes to fun and accessible online matches, Rocket League is in a class of its own. But as it turns out, Psyonix’s online sports game was one of the early innovators of cross-play. At launch, Rocket League allowed for crossplay between PC and PS4, but eventually it expanded that ecosystem to include players from the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. This online soccer game with vehicles has been a constant joy over the years, all due to regular updates, along with a passionate community of players. Even five years after its debut, Rocket League is still hitting a constant stride, and with a thriving community, it’s safe to say that it will keep going for the foreseeable future.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare / COD: Warzone: Cross-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

While Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a return to the series’ roots focusing on the more grounded type of infantry combat, it also introduced several game-changing elements that would be a first for the series. The most significant innovation, by far, was the inclusion of cross-play. For the first time in the Call of Duty series, Modern Warfare 2019 brought players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One together, making it the largest COD community for a single game to date. In addition to seasonal events, the newest game mode, Warzone, brings battle royale back to Call of Duty. Available as a free update for MW, or as a standalone free-to-play game, Warzone brings the most expansive map to COD, where you and some friends can face off against over 100 players in a match.

Gears 5: Cross-play on PC and Xbox One

The latest entry in the Gears of War franchise was an ambitious return for the series. Along with expanding the scope of the world of Sera, it also did justice to protagonist Kait Diaz, and how she fits into the larger plot focusing on the war between the humans and the swarm. Much like previous games, Gears 5 leans heavily on its thrilling campaign that can be played cooperatively, along with robust multiplayer modes that play to the strengths of Gears 5’s tight pop-and-shoot mechanics. Continuing from Gears of War 4, Gears 5 allows players on PC and Xbox One to play the campaign and multiplayer together. It was one of the rare AAA games to allow for cross-play at launch, and given its success, it likely won’t be the last.

Fortnite: Cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Epic Games’ online survival game and creation-tool, Fortnite, went from a stalled experiment to an overnight phenomenon following the debut of its battle royale mode. Fortnite quickly became the game to copy during its unprecedented rise to prominence, and that included its approach to cross-play. Initially, Fortnite only had cross-play for Xbox One and PC, but with the debut of Fortnite mobile, those using iPhone or Android could join in with console players–though by default it will pair them with other mobile users. Fortnite now allows for cross-play between PC, PS4, and Xbox One as well, letting you take part in the scavenge, shoot, and build gameplay loop of its fast-paced battle royale game. Though for console players, you can select to avoid PC players for concerns of advantage with mouse and keyboard controls.

Street Fighter V: Cross-play on PC and PS4

Capcom’s Street Fighter V has come a long way since its 2015 release. The recent Champion Edition, which increased the roster size to 40 and gave existing fighters new special moves, is Street Fighter V at its best. Some of the most exciting moments from Capcom’s fighting game comes from the many battles you can take part in online, and with cross-play, PC and PS4 players can duke it out to see who has the best skills.

Borderlands 3: Cross-play on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store)

As of the more recent cross-play games, Borderlands 3 on PC allows folks who own the game on the Epic Game Store and to play with the new influx of users from the recent Steam release. Leveraging Gearbox Software’s Shift account service, you can not only play with others across different clients but also bring cloud saves across both. Since the release, the online PC community has increased greatly, offering more players to partner up with and collect loot.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: Cross-play on PS4 and Xbox One

Arguably the pioneer of the battle royale phenomenon as we know it, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds–otherwise known as PUBG–has seen many changes over the years as it has evolved alongside competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Compared to those battle royale games, PUBG focuses more on realism, and the creeping feeling of anxiety as more players converge once the dreaded circle begins to shrink. Initially only available on PC, it later found its way to Xbox One and then PS4. Currently, PUBG only allows for cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One players. Developer PUBG Corporation has stated that there are no plans to include cross-play with the PC version at this time.

Killer Instinct: Cross-play on PC and Xbox One

Microsoft’s Killer Instinct reboot has proven itself to be a fun and gorgeous fighting game to sink some time in since its debut in 2013. Originally released on Xbox One, it eventually found its way to PC, allowing for cross-play multiplayer matches between the different platforms–which increased the player base size in a big way. Compared to other fighting games like Street Fighter V or Tekken 7, Killer Instinct is a bit more of an accessible fighter. Yet, it possesses a surprisingly high skill-ceiling that shows off how involved and in-depth each fighter’s skill set is. What’s even more amusing is that Killer Instinct also features a solid number of guest characters from franchises like Battletoads, Gears of War, and Halo, giving the roster even more variety that goes beyond its ’90s-inspired roots.

Ark: Survival Evolved: Cross-play on PC and Xbox One

Ark: Survival Evolved takes a somewhat different approach to the conceit of open-world scavenging gameplay. While you do have to contend with scraping together materials to craft items and face off against hostile players who want what you have, Ark also throws dinosaurs into the mix. While you can take your chances solo, Arc really shines in co-op, allowing you and other players to team up to take out enemies with custom firearms and your tamed dinosaurs. It’s a strange mix of elements, but Ark does a solid job of playing to the strengths of each as you slowly build up resources to survive in the world.

State of Decay 2: Cross-play on PC and Xbox One

Surviving in the zombie apocalypse isn’t easy. With minimal resources and a ravenous horde of undead continually nipping at your heels, you’ll need as much help as you can get to see another day. State of Decay 2 features full co-op play, allowing you to invite up to three other players into your game, who can help you fortify your base and outfit each survivor with the best items they can get. With cross-platform play between PC and console players, it won’t be hard finding another player to join you in your goal to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Deep Rock Galactic: Cross-play on PC and Xbox One

Exploring extraterrestrial worlds can be dangerous alone, so it’s best to bring some friends with you on the trip. In Deep Rock Galactic, you play as space dwarves tasked with mining materials or procuring rare artifacts. Each world you visit is procedurally-generated, which possesses hidden dangers and surprises waiting to be uncovered. With cross-play on PC and Xbox One, you can join friends to unearth the hidden wonders or threats on distant worlds, while trying to make it back to your ship safely.

Hearthstone: Cross-play on PC and Mobile

Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone offers surprisingly sophisticated, yet still accessible card-based tactical gameplay to invest yourself in. Set in the Warcraft universe, Hearthstone leverages its expansive lore to show off the unseen locales and stories of the world–all through the lens of a card-battle game. In addition to the plethora of events and quests to take part in during solo-play, some of which occasionally introduce limited time co-op events, you can also face off against others online in competitive battles. Since launch, Hearthstone players on any platform have been able to enjoy cross-platform functionality, allowing everyone to play with one another.

Dauntless: Cross-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Dauntless is a free-to-play online action game that leans heavily into the Monster Hunter formula of slaying enemies and using their materials to craft new gear. Like Monster Hunter, getting into Dauntless can be somewhat overwhelming, but once you find your groove with your chosen archetype after taking on a few missions, you’ll be taking down beasts in no time. Diving further into Dauntless will also open access to the game’s more elaborate missions and events, yielding new gear and upgrades for your character. At first, Dauntless only supported cross-platform play with PC and Xbox One, but after a big push from the community, it expanded to PS4’s ecosystem and eventually to Nintendo Switch.

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What happens when you call in 3 separate UAVs in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Infinity Ward brought in a plethora of new features to their battle royales when they launched Call of Duty: Warzone. The developers changed up how you can respawn, the way you drop into a match, and even added an in-game economy. One of the craziest changes made in Warzone, though, is the addition of killstreaks. These have been in Call of Duty since the original Modern Warfare, but they work much differently in the battle royale.

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          Up until recently, however, no one knew the extent of how different the killstreaks are. One party of popular streamers discovered yesterday that the UAV killstreak is one of the aspects that’s been altered the most.

          UAVs prove overpowered in Warzone

          Like all killstreaks, you can purchase UAVs at Buy Stations. These are scattered all around the map of Verdansk and contain a variety of different items to help you in your match. The items are bought with Cash, which is found lying on the ground as regular loot.

          There are four total killstreaks in Warzone as of right now: the UAV, Precision Airstrike, Cluster Strike, and Shield Turret. The most expensive of these is the UAV, coming in at $4,000. It’s because of this price that some fans are staying away from the streak.

          However, popular streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop shows off why you may want to start investing in UAVs.

          FUN FACT:

          Using 3 UAVS at once in Warzone reveals EVERY SINGLE ENEMIES LOCATION ACROSS THE ENTIRE MAP AND WHERE THEY ARE LOOKING for the duration of the UAVs…


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          As evidenced by the video, if you and your two other teammates call in three separate UAVs, they expose every enemy’s location on the Warzone map. Longtime Call of Duty fans will recognize this mechanic as the Blackbird, V-SAT, Advanced UAV, etc.

          Obviously, this makes the UAV killstreak much more valuable than it was before. If you and your teammates have some Cash to burn, using three UAVs could singlehandedly win you a match of Warzone. Of course, it’s still up to you to hit your shots.

          Will you be using the UAV now? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all of your Warzone news.

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        LEGO Super Mario Kit Lets You Build A Level And Run Through It

        I wasn’t expecting to be jealous of children this morning. After a teaser posted earlier in the week, LEGO and Nintendo have confirmed what many thought was true. The two companies are going to be producing LEGO kits based around the Super Mario IP. Why did I have to be born in the 80s?

        Julia Goldin, chief marketing officer and EVP for LEGO, said in a press release, “We are very excited to bring Mario into the physical world through interactive and social LEGO play. With this experience, we will help millions of kids with love for Mario to engage and play in a completely new way, where they are in control of creating and playing games with their favorite character.” Just rub the salt in my wound, Ms. Goldin.

        Seriously, though, this kit looks pretty incredible. Likely utilizing NFC technology, the LEGO Mario figure will feature small screens for his eyes and be packed with a speaker to make him talk. As you move him across different enemies and obstacles, Mario will respond accordingly with samples taken straight from the games. There’s even the end level music. AH!!!

        Takashi Tezuka, an executive officer at Nintendo, added, “I have always liked LEGO products and how they help children use their imagination to play. The new product we created together with the LEGO Group seeks to combine two different styles of play – one where you freely build the world of Mario and the other where you play with Mario in the very world that you have created.”

        That last part seems to be the gist of this LEGO set. This is more than just throwing the Mario branding onto a product and selling it. Children are encouraged to create their own obstacle courses and navigate through them. You even see rotating platforms and coins in the promotional video.

        Technology is sometimes an absolutely amazing thing. I would have loved to have a LEGO Mario set as a child, but at least someone is going to get one. If only I could wind back the clock and return to my youth. Where’s a time machine when you need one?

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        All The Characters You Expect In My Hero One’s Justice 2 Are There

        My Hero One’s Justice, a 3D fighting game based on the My Hero Academia anime, was released in August of 2018 in Japan, and was the debut of Deku and co. in virtual form. A sequel, My Hero One’s Justice 2, has not only already been confirmed, but will be out later this week. Leading up to its release, publisher Bandai Namco has been posting a series of character trailers, highlighting the new additions to the game’s roster. Now, in a new “Legacy Character” trailer, Bandai Namco is turning the spotlight onto its returning series stars.

        The trailer is organized by character pairings, showing off its host of fan favorites in series appropriate battles (whether between notable friends or enemies). For example, the video opens on a shouting match between U.A. Academy bad boys Kirishima and Bakugo, and ends on a recreation of the mythic battle between All Might’s One For All and the supervillainous All For One.

        Previous to this final confirmation of the game’s legacy characters, My Hero One’s Justice 2 was announced to include content from the Shie Hassaikai arc, which only just concluded in the anime series in February of this year. This means that new to the game are story arc villain Kai Chisaki and story arc-important heroes like Fat Gum and Lemillion. Other new additions include Gang Orca, Twice, Mr. Compress and previously-unplayable U.A. students Mineta and Mina Ashido, among others.

        Featuring a roster of more than 40 characters in total—nearly double the 23 of its predecessor, all of whom are returning—it will now be possible to pit Chisaki against villains from previous arcs, like Hero Killer: Stain and Muscular, to give one example of a non-canon match-ups possible in the sequel.

        Preordering the game before its release date will give players early unlocks of Midoriya’s Full Cowling 100% form and Chisaki’s powered-up form, as well as make season one villain Nomu available as a playable character. Save data from the first One’s Justice game will also unlock a new outfit for Midoriya. My Hero One’s Justice 2 will be released for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC in both Japan and the U.S. on March 13th.

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