xQc slams CSGO community on Twitter about Valorant – Daily Esports

Former professional Overwatch League player Félix “xQc” Lengyel took to Twitter today criticizing the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) community for outspoken members boasting of their future career in Valorant. Amid Riot Games’ latest press release about the game, community members are expressing their opinions, both positive and negative. ✖ To view this video please enable […]

Does VALORANT have 128-tick servers?

Tickrate has long been a burning issue in first-person shooters.  The difference between 20, 64, and 128-tick servers have huge implications on games like Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six. The higher the tickrate, the more consistent and competitive the gameplay. Peakers’ advantage is less of a factor and poor bullet registration becomes a thing of […]

Smash World Tour: Prize Pool, Rules, and More

VGBootCamp and several other notable figures within the Super Smash Bros. community have put together the Smash World Tour, which will provide a functional tournament circuit for both Smash Melee and Ultimate.  Similarly to how Tekken, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball FighterZ have their own tournament circuits that culminate in a final event with a […]

CS:GO: IEM Katowice 2020 Streams Break 1 Million Viewers at Peak

Viewer numbers for IEM Katowice show great promise for CS:GO. With the constant growth of average and peak CS:GO players counts, it’s clear the game has been gaining popularity. But this popularity is increasing in the streams of esports events too. This proved true during the grand final of IEM Katowice, where Natus Vincere took […]

G2 überfordert – Natus Vincere triumphiert bei der IEM Katowice 2020 – CS:GO

Nachdem die Osteuropäer im Halbfinale den Weltranglistenersten aus dem Weg gefegt haben, folgte heute die Krönung im Finale gegen G2. Mit einem klaren 3-0 erhebt Natus Vincere Anspruch auf den CS:GO-Thron. G2 versucht sich auf Nuke Die erste Map sorgte bereits für eine große Überraschung. G2s Wahl fiel tatsächlich auf Nuke. Ausgerechnet die Karte auf […]

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Ranked Battle Series 3 is live

It’s finally March, which means that the third Ranked Battle Series in Pokémon Sword and Shield is live. New Pokémon, Gigantamax forms, and regional variants will be legal both in-game and at VGC events. New Pokémon in the format The release of Pokémon Home allowed players to transfer several creatures into Sword and Shield that […]

Dota Underlords is no longer in Early Access

We check out what’s happening with Valve’s answer to Auto Chess. If you’ve followed the gaming scene in the last year, you probably remember the huge “boom” of autobattlers. Ever since Drodo studios released Dota 2 Auto Chess as a custom map, the world went crazy for it. Fast-forward a couple of months, and Valve, […]

Seoul Dynasty Sends Team to US After Homestand Canceled by Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues its spread in South Korea, fears for the epidemic have prompted safety precautions in nearly every area of life, including the eSports and gaming niches. Due to growing concerns, multiple Overwatch League teams have sent their groups to the United States in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus. One such team, the […]

Top Magic pros go 10 wins in Arena Mythic Point Challenge

With Mythic Points on the line, the best Magic: The Gathing players from around the world came prepared for today’s MTG Arena Mythic Point Challenge.  Wizards of the Coast hosted its first MTG Arena Mythic Point Challenge today, rewarding top players with Mythic Points. Added to the Magic esports schedule in the December update as […]