PUBG Mobile's second-anniversary celebrations give players the chance to earn a lot of rewards

More events have been unveiled as part of the ongoing second-anniversary celebrations in PUBG Mobile.

The “Anniversary Purchase Bonus Event” gives players extra rewards for purchasing UC. This includes silver, the anniversary UMP45 skin, and an anniversary lucky pack. The anniversary lucky pack gives players more UC, which ranges from 30 UC to 3,600 UC.

Players can also get a limited mystery bundle pack by joining the “Bandwagon Bundles” event. If all players manage to open a certain amount of packs daily, they’ll receive more rewards.

Tencent has also promised to offer more sales starting March 20. Limited-stock items will soon be available server-wide while Prime and Prime Plus members will receive some extra discounts. Some mystery items are also available in the shop.

The exclusive discounts event gives players 30 to 70 percent off on a variety of items. These items are refreshed daily.

The “2nd Spin Anniversary Event,” which started on March 15, allows players to participate in a lucky spin that awards them gun and vehicle skins, outfits, and more.

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