Grand Theft Auto’s 25th anniversary should include a GTA 1 remake

A reader starts planning ahead for GTA’s 25th anniversary in 2022 and calls for a remake of the very first entry in the franchise. In October of 1997, the world witnessed the release of a masterfully crafted video game that offered open-world shoot ‘em-up fun combined with the unique ability to enter vehicles and run […]

Nelly Net Worth 2020, Personal Life, Career

Nelly is an iconic R&B and pop-rap musician. He is one of the biggest influencers of this millennium. Follow this article and find out more about the background and career of this exceptional musician. Early Life Cornell Iral Haynes Junior (stage name Nelly) was born on the 2nd of November 1974, in Austin, Texas. His […]

How To Get Cobalion Into Pokémon Sword & Shield

The Legendary Trio of Pokémon Black & White are modeled after the Three Musketeers, being justice-bringers that wield sword-like attacks. This makes them all Fighting-types as they’re modeled after a fighting style, but each one has its own primary type. Cobalion is the Steel-type of the group because it has an iron will. This steadfast […]

Ana Cheri Looks Smoking Hot in Lacy Lingerie

The American beauty Ana Cheri set the internet on fire with her newest Instagram picture wearing lacy lingerie. The stunner posted another sizzling hot post. The 31-year-old model enjoys showing her curves on social media, and this time was no different. The fans are loving her in sexy lacy lingerie. The gorgeous picture left fans […]

Niantic Makes It Easy To Play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite From Home

Great news for fans of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as Niantic has finally caught up and adjusted core gameplay features in a similar way to Pokémon GO that will allow for play without needing to leave the house. As concerns grow over the continued spread and potential danger of Covid-19, also known as coronavirus, social […]

Byron Allen Net Worth 2020

Byron Allen became a media-mogul and has an admiring career. He is the founder of a television production firm named “Entertainment studios,” and besides his private business, he is a comedian as well. He is a multitalented, hard-working person who gained a massive fortune. Follow the article and find out more about his education, career, […]

FIFA 20 update: FUT Ultimate Team fans put on alert about next TOTW

FIFA 20 fans have been put on alert about the next TOTW release in FUT Ultimate Team. EA has updated FIFA 20 players about what to expect from TOTW next week following the suspension of a number of major football leagues. On Friday it was announced that all British elite football, including Premier League matches, […]

PS5 release date DELAY with Xbox Series X could still work out for PlayStation

While gamers could be very disappointed to hear it, there’s a chance that the PS5 release date could be delayed beyond 2020. Having been officially declared a Pandemic by the World Health Organization earlier this week, the Coronavirus is set to have long-lasting effects on the global economy. Recovery rates from COVID-19 have boomed in […]

Overwatch free to play on Xbox all weekend, alongside two other great games

Microsoft certainly spoils its most invested players. Every weekend, the platform holder goes out of its way to ensure there's a crop of games you can trail for free on the Xbox One platform. And this week is no different, with Microsoft and Xbox offering players a remarkable three games to play, totally for free. […]

Weekend Hot Topic, part 1: PS2 20th anniversary memories

GameCentral readers celebrate 20 years of the PlayStation 2 and games ranging from GTA 3 to Guitar Hero. Since last week was the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation 2, this week’s Hot Topic asked you to share your memories of Sony’s second console. Did you own a PlayStation 2 at the time and which games […]