Study Calculated The Mortgage For Bowser’s Castle, Spencer Mansion, Croft Manor

Like the rest of us, you’ve probably been thinking a lot lately about how much Bowser pays per month for his castle mortgage. Well, today’s your lucky day. Personal finance writer Salman Haqqi has calculated exactly those figures.

At some point or another, we’ve all built some incredibly elaborate house in Minecraft, at the cost of only our free time and with no financial expenses. Unfortunately, that’s just not how real life works. We have to pay mortgages. It sucks. But what if our beloved video game characters had to as well? A senior personal finance writer for Money took this question head-on.

Haqqi’s article details the estimated monthly mortgages of numerous fictional homes at 10% deposits, paid over 25 years, from television, movies and video games. Seven video game homes have their prices listed, with Croft Manor from Tomb Raider being the most expensive, valued at $41,043,698.71, a $175,169.35 monthly mortgage payment. Oof. Luckily for Lara, her mansion has been passed down through her family and the mortgage is long paid off. That’s why she has time to dick about robbing graves, I guess.

Bowser’s Castle is quite the rip-off. The whopping $5,752,365.00 value of the estate means Bowser is paying $24,550 a month for his mortgage. While significantly cheaper than Croft Manor, the Crofts certainly have more than just the three bedrooms and two bathrooms that Bowser has in his castle. Perhaps lava moats and indoor racetracks are just more expensive than everyone thought.

If you’re looking to buy Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion, well you’ll be saddened to hear that it was destroyed by self-destruction. If you’d put that bid in quicker though, this mansion could have been yours for a monthly mortgage of $8,250.77, a total value of $1,933,565.40. This may sound fairly reasonable for a three-story mansion, but when you consider the fact that the entire mansion is filled with dead people who walk the halls trying to eat you, is it really the bargain it seems?

Those interested in learning the prices of the Goth Manor from The Sims, the starting house from Pokémon Sword and Shield, Joel’s house from The Last of Us Part II or a fully upgraded house from Animal Crossing: New Horizons – as well as numerous fictional movie and television houses – should check the article listed in the source below. These crazy prices should certainly make you glad that you only own digital versions of these homes.

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