Rise of the Tomb Raider is free on PC to celebrate Lara Croft’s 25th

The 25th anniversary celebration of Tomb Raider’s launch starts with a free copy of 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider for Amazon Prime members, plus versions of two Lara Croft games making the franchise’s debut on Nintendo Switch in 2022. The Windows PC version of Rise of the Tomb Raider may be claimed via Prime […]

Should I buy Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack?

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, the new, upper-tier online subscription that Nintendo announced at the end of September, is available as of yesterday. The $49.99 price tag — more than double the basic Nintendo Switch Online rate — brings the service’s price more in line with its cousins on PlayStation and Xbox. But what […]

New Pikmin AR game coming from Pokémon Go developer Niantic

Pikmin Bloom, a new augmented reality app from Nintendo and Pokémon Go creator Niantic, is coming to mobile devices starting Tuesday. The new app will be released in Australia and Singapore first, and will roll out globally over the coming days on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, according to a news release. […]

N64 and Sega Genesis games come to Switch Online, but will likely cost more

Nintendo Switch Online is getting a huge upgrade soon with the addition of Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games. During Thursday’s Nintendo Direct, the company announced that games from both platforms will be coming to Switch sometime in October. Nintendo Switch Online membership currently costs $3.99 per month and includes access to over 100 classic […]

Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture acquired by NetEase

NetEase Games has acquired Grasshopper Manufacture, the studio led by games design auteur Goichi “Suda51” Suda, and maker of games and franchises like No More Heroes, Killer7, and Lollipop Chainsaw. The two companies announced the acquisition via news release on Thursday. “As we all know, NetEase Games has developed many excellent games in the past, […]

Metroid Dread fans are celebrating when they finally get the morph ball

Metroid fans have had to wait a very long time for a brand-new 2D Metroid game — 19 years, to be precise. And if they want to use Samus Aran’s iconic morph ball power in Metroid Dread, they’ll have to wait even longer. [Warning: The following contains mild spoilers for Metroid Dread.] The morph ball […]

New Pokémon forms confirmed for Zorua and Zoroark

Remember that found-footage horror video The Pokémon Company posted earlier this week to promote Pokémon Legends: Arceus? Somehow, the footage has been cleaned up into HD quality, giving us a clearer look at just what brutally murdered the intrepid explorer from the clip. But first, I have just one question: Did they really have video […]

Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct: The biggest announcements

Well, now we know why Nintendo wanted to save Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ new content announcements for their own, special 20-minute Nintendo Direct: There’s a lot that’s coming to the game, both free and premium, on Nov. 5. Several longtime favorite characters will make their New Horizons debut; players will get even more customization and […]

Wario is the ultimate Italian American

I’ve always felt some imposter syndrome about being Italian American. Even though most of my family has never even been to Italy, we eat pasta instead of ham on Christmas, and we indulge the loud, boisterous Italian stereotype. As a kid, I clung to Italian characters I saw in TV shows, movies, and, of course, […]

Metroid Dread has a game-breaking bug — here’s how to fix it

It could happen to you: Metroid Dread has a game-breaking bug near its ending that will result in the game force-quitting with the message, “The software was closed because an error occurred.” But don’t worry. Nintendo has released a workaround for any players facing this problem, which the company also plans to fix in an […]