Animal Crossing fans are contributing to a real museum, too

The Museum of English Rural Life closed its door to the public on March 20 in response to the growing threat of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. It’s not alone in trying to “flatten the curve” of the disease, but it does mean that museum patrons can now only interact with its […]

Nintendo Direct for March goes live, watch it here

Nintendo has a (surprise) new episode of its Nintendo Direct series, and you can watch it right now. The new episode of Nintendo Direct runs about 29 minutes and focuses on games coming to Nintendo Switch. The new Nintendo Direct Mini episode touches on Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and […]

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch will be released this May

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch, first announced in September 2019, now has a release date. The remake will arrive on May 29, and includes a few new features. The release will also be accompanied by a new art book, Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Works Set. Xenoblade Chronicles was developed by Monolith Soft and […]

Pokemon Sword & Shield: Gigantamax Snorlax, Machamp, And Gengar Leaving Today

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s latest Max Raid events are coming to an end very soon. The events are scheduled to wrap up today, March 25, at 4:59 PM PT / 7:59 PM ET, making this your last chance to catch some rare Gigantamax and version-exclusive Pokemon. There are two concurrent Max Raid events going on […]

How to make Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ chat less insufferable

Typing on the Nintendo Switch is a bit fiddly. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your character will scrunch its face into something akin to the thinking face emoji while the keyboard is open. It’s a physical cue to your pals that you’re trying to talk to them — similar to when your phone is out, […]

Play All These Game For Free While Staying Inside

Being stuck inside can be a real hassle, but thankfully, online storefronts and developers are taking note and giving away a bunch of games for free to help us kill the time. PS4, Xbox One, and PC games are all being given away. Because of this, we’ve decided to collect all of the games that […]

Nintendo Switch Repairs In North America Halted Due To Coronavirus

If you love Animal Crossing: New Horizons or treasure your Nintendo Switch like us, we suggest being very careful with your system in the future. Nintendo has postponed repairs for the system as well as its older consoles in North America due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Nintendo closed its repair centers in accordance […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — How To Add Friends

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all about friendship, but it can be confusing to figure out how exactly to play with your friends. You can’t just rely on your Nintendo Switch friends list for everything; New Horizons also has its own friends list, and your Switch friends aren’t automatically included. Here’s a rundown of what […]

Animal Crossing: Where To Get Amiibo For New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally out on Nintendo Switch, and it has full Amiibo support. After spending some time on your island retreat you might be looking to stock up on the cute figures, and that’s where we come in! We’ve rounded up all the different Amiibo and cards that work with New Horizons, […]