Sony Patents "Direct Gameplay" (Here’s What It Means)

A recently-published patent shows that, back in 2018, Sony patented something called “Direct Gameplay,” which sounds so utterly vague that it could mean anything. Thankfully, there’s more information available than just the title, and if you can wade your way through the patent, you’ll notice that it describes some pretty exciting ideas that Sony has for its brand-new […]

Exclusive Impressions Of Carlos In Resident Evil 3

Jill is the main star in Capcom’s upcoming remake of Resident Evil 3, but she’s not the only survivor you control throughout the game. Carlos Oliveira is a UBCS’s heavy weapons specialist who meets Jill early on, and he becomes an integral part of the story. Since Carlos is working for Umbrella, Jill initially distrusts […]

Manus Brings Your Entire Body Into VR With its Polygon System

Ever since virtual reality (VR) remerged as a viable consumer product the quest has been to make the technology as immersive and interactive as possible. That’s lead to motion controllers, eye tracking and hand tracking but full-body tracking has stopped and started due to the complexities of this process. Manus VR, the company which makes […]

Doom 64 Switch Review: Total Absolution

Doom 64 is a rather unique entry in the Doom franchise. Released back when 3D graphics were starting to become big, many gamers overlooked it for being “dated” and “last-generation.” That’s a grave injustice for how solid the actual campaign is. Who can say no to more Doom? Well, now nobody has to say no. […]

DOOM Eternal: Every Single Demon, Ranked

There are A LOT of demons to kill in DOOM Eternal. Some are returning classics, while others are brand new to the series. This is a definitive power rank of all the demons in DOOM Eternal based on the absolutely no standard or definable metric. Even so, we can assure you it is 100% accurate and factual. 16 Marauders Excuse […]

DOOM Eternal Review: The Thinking Man’s DOOM

The DOOM reboot in 2016 revitalized the FPS genre in many ways. The fluidity of the combat and always-move-forward design philosophy made other shooters look trivial by comparison. DOOM Eternal is to DOOM (2016) as DOOM (2016) was to all other shooters. That is to say: DOOM Eternal’s puzzle-like combat and overhaul to every system, ability, and weapon makes DOOM (2016) look like baby’s first shooty […]

Dungeons & Dragons: What’s Better, A Paper Or Digital Character Sheet?

As it often does, the unstoppable flow of progress has engulfed Dungeons & Dragons. What was once the lowest tech entertainment you could enjoy on a Saturday night is now often augmented by technology. Most notable is the increasing use of digital character sheets. Newer players often say that they like the ease of managing […]

Report: Rosario Dawson Cast As Ahsoka Tano In The Mandalorian's Second Season

The Clone Wars is back and so is Jedi Ahsoka Tano. As fans celebrate her return in this beloved animated series, they may have an even bigger moment to look forward to this year. According to Slashfilm, Tano will also appear in The Mandalorian‘s second season, which is slated to air on Disney+ this October. […]

MLB The Show 20 Review – Solid Contact

Baseball in real life is often criticized for its slow pace, but I like its flow in MLB 20. It’s different from most other sports in that the moment-to-moment experience isn’t continuous, but I enjoy the built-in tension before, during, and after crucial plays in MLB The Show 20. The action goes from 0 to […]

Doom 64 is the best Doom game you (probably) haven’t played

Doom 64 is a bizarre piece of gaming history, one that will finally be accessible to everyone. It has taken long enough; this is a game more fans of the series need to play. But let’s get some context out of the way before we dig into why, and get rid of one major misconception […]