Is Your Gaming Gear Good Enough?

In the year 2021, gamers’ ranks are increasing steadily, with both younger folks entering the world of video games and members of all group ages. When you start getting competitive, you start thinking about how to get better in every little thing. That’s usually when folks start thinking about making an upgrade to their gear. But even if you are playing offline games, or ones that don’t heavily rely on your equipment, it may be a worthy question.


What is more annoying than a lagging keyboard, that registers your clicks based on its mood, or how many good words you say to it before a match? Perhaps the only thing that’s worse than that is a mouse that is incapable of delivering the results you are looking for. Maybe it’s not accurate enough, or precise in a manner that would enable you to match your performance game-to-game. Worry not, as we will lay all the criteria that will have to go into your considerations.

Is It Really The Gear?

Look, your mouse and your reaction time are two completely separated things. Are you not clicking during the game fast enough, or is the device not fast enough to catch up with you? What about the settings? No wonder a mouse is slow if it’s set on its minimum DPI. Sometimes, it’s not even about the thing that you are using. Check in-game settings if there’s anything you can tweak to your preference before making any hard conclusions.

If it’s actually the device, then you may consider swapping it out. How old is it? It’s unlikely that it’s unsuited to your task if it’s just recently purchased and you haven’t done any physical on it (such as spilling water, dropping, or yes, beating or smashing it a few good times). In case it’s an older device, but still, a high-quality one, try to look for software updates online. Your Razor mouse may be getting the wrinkles, but you may be able to upgrade for free if you just search online.

When you have updated the drives, looked into all the settings, check the results. Has anything changed? Has it changed sufficiently for you to be satisfied? If not, now is the time to look into a new device.

Things You Should Consider

If your keyboard is still decent, but you just know that a different one will give you a competitive advantage, such as switching from electro to mechanical, you may do it. Even if you know what it is that you need vaguely, there are so many options out there to consider. The Elite players also have various tastes, so don’t base your opinion solely on what they recommend.

One of the most advanced gaming scenes is in Japan, and it’s no wonder why. A leading country in technology overall and definitely video games (think Sony), they take one of the top spots in manufacturing as well. Gamers from the Far East state usually have a very hard-core attitude towards their playing, so you can absolutely pick up a thing or two from their mindset. If you are unsure about exactly what keyboard you need visit which explains all the nitty-gritty of how to make a fine choice.

Thinking Above The Basics

Now that we have laid out the mouse and keyboard, there are many other important aspects you should consider. Have you ever thought about your chair? If you are familiar with back soreness after sitting for hours on end, the chair may be partly to blame. No matter which one you get, it won’t negate the necessity of moving around and switching positions from time to time. However, a high-quality gaming throne will ensure you have maximum comfort and health benefits.

Are your legs too high or too low? You can judge that by resting your thighs in a regular position. If your knees are higher than your hips, that’s too low. If the opposite is true, that’s too high. They should be parallel most of the time, so adjust your seat accordingly or shop for a new one that will allow doing that.

Another body part to consider is your back. When you sit in a rounded slump position all day, that won’t do your back and spine any good. You don’t have to be perfectly upright all the time, and you can allow yourself to round for some time during your gaming. But you should have the opportunity to mix positions and do so once your body demands it. So how do you choose a chair? This post boils down all the options you can find on the market.