The Final Fantasy VII Retcons – This Story Are Sick

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular entries in the series. As such, it received a number of different prequels, sequels, and spin-offs since it was first released. The cast of Final Fantasy VII have also made a number of crossover appearances in games like Kingdom Hearts, Puzzle & Dragons, and the Super Smash Bros. series. There are a lot of […]

Final Fantasy VII Timeline, Explained Part 2 (Before Crisis & Crisis Core)

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is due to be released soon and the recent demo revealed that the prequels and spin-offs are still considered canon. As such, the timeline of Final Fantasy VII is assumed to be the same, at least before the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake take place. The Turks In Trouble Zack and Cloud are dispatched to […]

ARMS In Smash Actually Gives Hope For Waluigi & Rayman

Nothing says the start of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass 2 like the inclusion of a fighter from a three-year-old fighting game. The announcement that the next Super Smash Bros. fighter would be an ARMS character was one that confused us all. It was a very surprising move, and the fact that we know the series but […]

Audie From Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained, And Why Fans Love Her

If you were wondering why everybody seems to love Audie in Animal Crossing, here’s why. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the biggest game to hit the Switch since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it’s selling fast enough to perhaps eventually out-pace even Nintendo’s famous brawler. The ongoing coronavirus crisis probably has something to do with that […]

Half-Life: Alyx: The Most Important Upgrade Is Also The Most Expensive

Half-Life: Alyx has a simple upgrade system that allows Alyx to upgrade each of her three weapons in four different ways, provided she’s found enough resin to make the enhancements. The upgrades range from 15 resin all the way up to 40 based on how powerful the upgrade is. Resin is hidden carefully around the […]

Halo: Infinite Will FAIL Without A Battle Royale Mode

Although many questions remain about the next installment in the Halo saga, fans can be sure of one thing. If Halo: Infinite launches without a battle royale mode, the game will be dead on arrival. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the next Halo game, and have shown a thirst for any information that 343 Industries is willing […]

The Psychology of Gaming: How A Good Game Satisfies Our Basic Psychological Needs

When good game design produces a good game, the result is that the game can satisfy some of our basic psychological needs. And that’s why it feels so, well, good. Whether you’re a game designer wanting to understand more about what effects your games can have on players, a gamer looking to give names to the experiences mentioned here that you’ve undoubtedly had, or […]

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep On Resident Evil 3’s Resistance Mode

Resident Evil has traditionally been a survival-horror franchise with a focus on moody isolation, which runs counter to the idea of online multiplayer modes. However, Resident Evil 3 includes an online asymmetrical 4v1 mode called Resistance that actually does a stellar job capturing the horror inherent in the series. In Resistance, a group of four […]

Why Gears Tactics Might Have What It Takes To Compete With XCOM

Gears Tactics was announced at E3 2018 alongside Gears 5 and the Funko-branded Gears Pop! It almost seemed like a joke to pull the Gears franchise in so many disparate directions, but the more we’ve seen of Gears Tactics, the less we’re laughing. Not only is Microsoft taking this entry into tactical strategy very seriously, […]