Ashe Harrowing Control challenges Legends of Runeterra meta in Korea Cup Qualifiers

Aggro and Midrange builds have once again gone up the ranks of the Legends of Runeterra meta. But a Shadow Isles and Freljord Control deck shuts them down by using Elise, Ashe, and The Rekindler.

An Ashe Harrowing Control deck created by up-and-coming Korean player xlxk tore through the preliminaries for the LoR Korea Cup qualifiers earlier this week, according to LoR streamer FUZE_KR. 

The Ashe Harrowing Control deck is similar to the Hecrim and Elise Midrange build but replaces the Angry Horse with Ashe. This beats out the Shadow Isles Aggro/Midrange builds and keeps Elusive decks from outpacing it. 

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