BLAST Bounty Hunt: Everything you need to know, from bounties to fan predictions for cash

BLAST is about to make its debut in the Dota 2 scene later today, June 9, 2020, with BLAST Bounty Hunt, a tournament landing somewhere between the Midas Mode concept and the traditional events. Judging on BLAST’s CS:GO productions, Dota 2 fans should expect a lot of fun, a plethora of interactive tools and a top notch broadcast production.

The teams summoned for the first-ever BLAST Dota 2 tourney are some of the finest from Europe, all used with the Midas Mode twists, so most probably they will all look to make the most out of the bounty system put together by the tournament organizers.  

BLAST Bounty Hunt participating teams:

  •  Team Secret
  • OG
  • Team Nigma
  • Team Liquid
  • Alliance
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas

Dynamic prize pool: how it works

The BLAST Bounty Hunt total prize pool is $145,000, but the way it is split doesn’t align with the traditional tournaments. Each team is actually starting with some amount of money in their bank, but they can lose 40% of it every time they lose a series. The percentage is going to the team that defeated them.

Having six teams competing over the course of five days (June 9-13) in a double elimination bracket, it means that two teams got a better seeding. The seeding is also determining the amount of money the teams have at the beginning of the tournament. OG and Team Secret received tier one seeds, therefore they are the wealthiest with $20,000 and a spot straight into the upper bracket semifinals. Alliance, Nigma, Team Liquid and NIP start in the first round of the upper bracket, each with $15,000.

Bounties: what are they

Over the course of the past several weeks, BLAST invited the fans to vote for extra challenges that teams can complete in order to increase their winnings. The fans had to choose from three categories as follows: two Archon Bounties (worth $5,000 each), one Ancient Bounty (worth $15,000), one Immortal Bounty (worth $20,000 each).

At the end of the voting process the four Bounties up for grabs are:

 $5,000: VIP –  Keep one team member alive for the duration of a single game.

$5,000: What’s Mine Is Mine – The opposing team cannot gain control of your outpost for the duration of a game.

 $15:000: Drop The Dead Donkey – Kill 9 or more of your opponent’s couriers in a single game as a team.

$20,000: Something Something Feeder – Kill a single enemy player 20 times in a single game as a team.

What’s more important about these bounties is that the cash earned from completing any of them is not entering under the total prize pool. The bounty cash is more like the reliable gold in Dota 2, thus the teams can’t lose any bit of it if they lose a series.

$5,000 up for grabs for viewers at home

One of the new interactive tools brought by BLAST is the fan predictions for real money. Each day fans can make various predictions split into two categories.

You can sign up on the BLAST Booty Hunt official website HERE and pick a player who you think will perform well throughout the tournament and select four achievements out of nine possible that you think he can complete.

Besides the Bounty Hunter pick, fans can also check each day to make daily predictions.

  •  $1500 for the highest overall point scorer. To be in with a chance to win this, your best bet is to get started early, pick a Bounty Hunter and make sure you fill out every day’s predictions!
  •  3 x $250 for the highest points scorers each day. This extra cash means that even if you miss out on the Bounty Hunter pick and the first few days predictions, you can still win if you perform well on an individual day.

BLAST Bounty Hunt broadcast team and full schedule

The tournament starts today, June 9 at 16:30 CET with the Team Liquid versus Nigma quarterfinal followed by Alliance versus Ninjas in Pyjamas. Team Secret and OG will enter the battle only tomorrow, June 10 while the first elimination matches will be played on the 11th of the month.

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