Dota 2 patch 7.25b brings nerfs to Ring of Tarrasque, Lycan and Weaver

Dota 2 patch 7.25b has been released and just like patch 7.25a, is an extremely small patch with just six changes – one general change, three item changes and two hero changes. Let’s take a look at the general changes and item changes.

Experience change: The change in XP reduces XP received when a kill streak is ended. The high XP gained was probaly having a rubber band effect, which was why it was removed.

Trusty Shovel: Trusty Shovel had become a very valueable item after patch 7.25 was released, as teleport scrolls now cost 90 gold and the shovel had a chance of giving two TP scrolls, which made it a lot better than other tier 1 items. With it being changed to just one TP scroll, the value now remains nearly the same as before.

Ring of Tarrasque: With cost being lowered down to 600 gold from 700 and HP regen increased from 3.75 to 4.5, a lot of heroes straight up bought a Ring of Tarrasque at the start. Tanky heroes getting an additional 150 HP and 4.5 HP regen made them near invincible in lane in the early levels, and more so during rune fights before the start of the game. The change was to be expected. Now, heroes will either have to start with differnt items or will have to go for the initial bounty runes without any items. That balances the scales a little. One person that will definitely be happy with this change is Fnatic carry 23savage.

fuck you ring of tarrasque

Necronomicon: Necronomicon is one of the better items of the meta, with a lot of Beastmaster and Lycan players going directly for the Necro books, even before boots. This nerf will be a considerable one for heroes like them, strength heroes with not a lot of mana. The new trend is to make Necro books on Spectre as well, and with this nerf, she will definitely need a Soul Ring to use the active and getting the minions out.

Let’s now take a look at the hero changes patch 7.25 has brought with it.

Lycan: As mentioned before, Lycan with Necro books (and also Helm of the Dominator) is a menace this meta, being able to finish the game withing 20 minutes if he gets a good start to the game. Reduction in base damage by 6 is huge, and should give the hero a hard time last hitting in lane. The nerfs to talents are not as substantial, but every small change adds up.

Weaver: Weaver was one of the heroes that got significant buffs with patch 7.25 and seemed to be terrorizing pubs. The agility gain and Shukuchi movement speed nerfs will make it a bit harder for Weaver to snowball out of control.

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