Fnatic eliminate SK Gaming from playoff contention in 2020 LEC Spring Split

Fnatic picked up their first win of the week today, cementing themselves as the leaders of the LEC standings while also putting an end to SK Gaming’s playoff hopes.

Jungler Oskar “Selfmade” Boderek led Fnatic to victory against his former League of Legends team and received the player of the game award. This game felt personal. Selfmade showed exactly what he’s capable of when he’s in form.

Fnatic played mind games with SK during the draft phase, switching around their champions in multiple roles up until the last 20 seconds. They ended up with a surprise Zac support pick, which SK weren’t prepared for. After playing Zac top lane in their previous game, SK drafted around that possibility. But Fnatic’s coach pulled out a surprise move and put Zac into the support role.

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