Indian Internet Service Provider ACT Fibernet Announces CS:GO Tournament

  • ACT Fibernet has launched a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament in India in partnership with The Esports Club.
  • This is a one-on-one tournament with daily prizes including cash and complimentary “gaming plans” for
  • ACT Fibernet’s users.The Internet service provider operates in 19 Indian cities and claims to have over 1.5M customers.

One of India’s largest wired Internet Services Providers (ISPs), ACT Fibernet, has announced a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament. The initiative is undertaken as part of the company’s “Advantage Gaming” strategy, in partnership with an Indian event organizer The Esports Club. 

The tournament will take place online from April 3 – 12 in a one-on-one format, and will award daily prizes including INR 6,000 ($78 USD) in cash along with ten complimentary “1-Month Gaming Packs” for the top ten participants. The final 16 matches of each day will be livestreamed on ACT Fibernet’s social media pages.

Speaking about the launch of the tournament, Ravi Karthik, lead – marketing, innovation and customer experience at ACT Fibernet said, “We see a huge interest and traction amongst our customers for online gaming. We have been consistently topping the Steam charts for gaming traffic in India, which is a testament to customers recognizing ACT as the preferred network for gaming.”

At the time of writing this, according to data available on the Steam store website, India downloaded a total of 2.5 Petabytes in the most recent seven days at an average download rate of 17.4 Megabits Per Second (Mbps) while ACT Fibernet delivered an average download rate of 41.4 Mbps.

The company is based out of Bangalore, India, and claims to have over 1.5M customers with operations in over 19 cities across the country. In 2019, the company had introduced an add-on package that provided additional data for customers along with the ability to boost download speeds to 300 Megabits Per Second (Mbps) for three hours. This package was introduced as part of a partnership with Wargaming (makers of World of Tanks) and also included in-game rewards, along with discount coupons for ZOTAC and Western Digital products, as well as coupons for online e-commerce website GamesTheShop.

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