New Runeterra champion revealed: Fizz

On Friday, Riot confirmed that the seventh region coming to Legends of Runeterra will be Bilgewater, from where all the pirates hail. A few new cards were shown, but no Bilgewater champions… until today, when we got Fizz.

Fizz is a 1-mana 2/1 champion who is likely to be the core of aggro decks in the future. When a spell is cast, Fizz gains Elusive and all spells targeting him are removed. When you cast 6 spells in a game, Fizz levels up, keeps his initial ability and gains a new one: on Nexus strike, he creates Chum the Waters — a spell that spawns a powerful 5/1 Shark unit.

There will also be a new keyword coming with the new expansion: Attune. Units with Attune restore 1 spell mana when played, and although that doesn’t sound like much, spell mana persists through rounds so you can either use Attune units to “ramp” your spell mana, or gain some extra tempo with the many cheap new spells already shown.

We haven’t seen a lot from the Bilgewater region yet, but these first cards point to a more aggressive/combo oriented region. The Plunder mechanic is also something that triggers on Nexus strike and its likely we see Bilgewater in combination with Ionia Elusives or the Noxus army for rush-down burn decks.

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