Redragon Sponsors Hearthstone Tournament in Latin America

Brazilian esports promotion company Gaming Culture announced an invitational Hearthstone tournament. Named Arena Invitational, the competition starts Monday, but will be streamed only from its playoffs on Sept. 29. Arena Invitational features 16 participants from Latin America; eight Brazilians, five Argentinians, one from Chile, and another from Mexico.

With a prize pool adding up to $8K BRL ($1.4K USD), the tournament is sponsored by the Brazilian educational franchise Microcamp, Brazilian store Taverna do Rei, and gaming peripherals manufacturer Redragon, which reinforces its position as a supporter of the Activision Blizzard gaming scene in Brazil as it sponsors many Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone streamers in the country.

This is the first competition organized by Gaming Culture outside the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports. According to the company, the Arena Invitational is an important step to widen its coverage in the esports scene. The tournament will be streamed on Gaming Culture’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

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