Seraphine finally confirmed as a new Champ with K/DA collaboration

Two weeks ago, rumors started running through the League of Legends community about a new Champion that was probably being announced with an incredible marketing strategy: with her own social media profiles.

Seraphine, whose first hint was a short description that talked about “a new magic Champ based on the music”, has her own Twitter account and Instagram profile, and on both websites, we can see how similar her artwork is to Riot Games’ recent Champions.

On her social media profiles, Seraphine is a young virtual girl that is a lot into music, and she has published many posts and comments that gave us some hints about her relationship with League of Legends.

First, she started mentioning that she likes the game, but the most important hint was the cover she did of the virtual band K/DA, a band created by Riot Games. This cover was released in a very special moment: when K/DA was announced to return with a new song.

thanks for the inspiration everyone, here’s my take on @kda_music ‘s POP/STARS ??#kdaisback

— Seraphine⭐? (@seradotwav) August 22, 2020

From that moment, more rumors and leaks appeared. People started to say that Seraphine could join K/DA band, and we even had a leaked image where the virtual music band had a fifth member… guess who?

Apart from that, we had nothing else to link Seraphine and K/DA, we weren’t even able to assure that the singer was going to be a new Champion, and Riot Games keep silent. There have been no official announcements by the videogame company, but yesterday all our doubts about whether Seraphine was a League of Legends Champion or not were definitely solved.

Seraphine has been confirmed as a new Champion with the announcement of her collaboration in the new K/DA album.

oops i was wearing akali’s jacket in this pic cause i was cold

— Seraphine⭐? (@seradotwav) September 4, 2020

On her Twitter account, Seraphine explained that she will not only collaborate with K/DA but also help produce their album and feature on an upcoming track.

According to the tweet above, the new song could be called “Calling Blades”, or maybe that is the name of the album, we still don’t know.

We still don’t know when Seraphine will be officially announced. After the release of Samira, the latest League of Legends Champ, we have no news about any other upcoming Champion, so she might be sooner than expected!

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