's WePlay! Pushka League run ended by Team Liquid

Following their victory over Alliance, Team Liquid would
need to play another series instantly, this time against with both
teams fighting for their tournament lives and a spot in the lower bracket
finals. and Team Liquid had already played earlier in the
tournament, in the opening day of the playoffs when it was Liquid who pulled
off a solid 2-0 victory and send VP into the lower bracket. VP have since managed
to survive by eliminating both HellRaisers and Ninjas in Pyjamas – but Liquid
wouldn’t be as easy to get past.

Although they dropped a game in their previous series,
Liquid were still looking extremely dangerous and easily at the best form in
some time. The first game of the series showed exactly this as they rolled over
the VP lineup with ease as Michael ‘MiCKe’ Vu’s Void Spirit being entirely unkillable
and ending at 15-0-11. VP would not require a victory in order to remain in the
tournament, but Liquid seemed to be on a high.

VP looked to be a bit better off in game two, but they made
the error of allowing Liquid to have their Lone Druid, which would end up being
their demise. The CIS squad did manage to have one decent teamfight but that
was nowhere near enough to overcome the Liquid lineup and would end with another
2-0 loss.

With that will be eliminated from the WePlay!
Pushka League in fourth place – which is admirable even after their victory at
ESL One Los Angeles Online. For Liquid, they would be the first team into the
lower bracket final and their opponent would be determined next between
VP.Prodigy and Team Secret.

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