Fortnite Season 4 Challenges: Wolverine, Stark Robots, And More

Season 4 of Fortnite: Chapter 2 is officially here, and as usual, it introduces a ton of changes to the hit battle royale shooter. Dubbed The Nexus War, this season is themed around Marvel, and the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Groot, She-Hulk, Storm, and other superheroes have arrived in the game to thwart an invasion by Galactus.

Of course, a new season also means new challenges, and there are already a handful for players to complete. Clearing these tasks will level up your Season 4 battle pass, which in turn will unlock exclusive Marvel-themed cosmetics. In addition to the standard weekly missions, Epic is also rolling out a separate set of Wolverine challenges over the course of the season, which you’ll need to complete to unlock the Wolverine skin.

If you need help completing this season’s missions, we’ve rounded up all of our Fortnite Season 4 maps and guides below. We’ll continue to update this list with additional maps and guides as Season 4 rolls on, so check back often for the latest tips.

Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 4 Challenges

  • Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 4 Challenges
  • Wolverine Challenges
    • Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks
  • Week 1 Challenges
  • Wolverine Challenges

    • Investigate mysterious claw marks (3)
    • TBD
    • TBD
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    Investigate Mysterious Claw Marks

    Season 4’s first Wolverine challenge asks you to investigate mysterious claw marks. These can all be found in close proximity to each other around Weeping Woods. The first set of marks can be found on the outside of the northernmost building in the area. The second set is directly south of the building, on a rock north of a small pond. Finally, the third set can be found on an RV in the southeast corner of the area.

    Once you’ve investigated all three claw marks, you’ll complete the challenge and unlock the Berserker Barrage spray. You can see where each claw mark is located on the map above.

    Week 1 Challenges

    • Search chests at Dirty Docks (7)
    • Eliminations at Holly Hedges (3)
    • Collect Floating Rings at Misty Meadows (4)
    • Eliminate Stark Robots at Quinjet Patrol landing sites (5)
    • Gas up a vehicle at Lazy Lake (1)
    • Deal damage to opponents with Stark Industries Energy Rifles (1,000)
    • Eliminate Doctor Doom at Doom’s Domain [rec: 4 players] (3)

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