10 Easiest Cooking Recipes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you're one of the people that completely restarted their 100+ hour island when the 2.0 update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released, you're probably sad that you have to miss out on a few things until you can build up your riches and resources. Specifically, gathering the crops and fish that it takes to cook will take a while. However, not every recipe included in the new update is very complicated.

In between paying your enormous debt to Tom Nook and searching for creatures to fill your museum, your villager can definitely get hungry. Recipes can be somewhat difficult to come by unless you hunt for balloons and investigate every villager's home, so it's important to find a easy few recipes you can depend on to help you get the energy to work on your island.

10 Grilled Sea Bass with Herbs

You can cook the Grilled Sea Bass with Herbs with one sea bass and five clumps of weeds. The sea bass is easily the sworn enemy of many avid Animal Crossing players. Thankfully for the chefs of the community, this is because they are extremely plentiful.

Anyone who's stepped away from their island will also tell you that weeds are everywhere and they can be a bit of a hassle to clean up. Both of these elements combined mean that this is easily one of the best recipes you can make very early on in the game.

9 Seaweed Soup

Seaweed is a common occurance at the bottom of the sea. For beginners taking their first dives into the depths, it should be fairly easy to pick up. For this delicious recipe, you only need two pieces of seaweed. It can be found in between October and July in the northern hemisphere and April to January for the southern sphere.

Seaweed Soup is a simple and easy way to fill up quickly for a long work day terraforming and tearing down trees. Make sure to donate some seaweed to fill out your museum!

8 Carpaccio Di Capesante

While diving for creatures, you'll likely happen upon the sea otter's favorite snack: the scallop. You can also partake in the delightful meal by making Carpaccio Di Capesante, which only requires two scallops.

If you've already gifted one to Pascal and donated one to the museum, keep every scallop you come across to munch on later, when you try to break open a rock that spawned in the wrong place.

7 Cherry Jam

Fruit is easily one of the most helpful resources in New Horizons. It's available not only on your home island, but every single one you travel to, by seaplane or Kapp'n tour. The real challenge is growing all six varieties of fruit on your island so you don't have to travel for every single one.

If your island began with cherries, then you're in luck – this recipe is for you. To make Cherry Jam, all you need is three cherries. Exceedingly simple and super delicious.

6 Coconut Juice

Coconuts are a classic and fairly easy fruit to find. They can be found on the beaches of every island you travel to with Nook Mile Tickets, and to grow one on your own island, all you need is sand and a single coconut.

Once you have a steady supply of your favorite tropical fruit, you'll be good to go to create this delicious drink. All it requires is one coconut. After that, you can lounge in your favorite beach chair and enjoy your hard work and cold drink.

5 French Fries

There has been a common debate on who makes the best french fries for a long time. The answer, of course, is you! This delicious side dish is one that's been made and celebrated for decades, and now it's your turn to make it.

Thankfully, all you need are three potatoes, so as long as you visit Leif's shop regularly, this shouldn't be difficult. You can enjoy your new favorite snack anywhere on your island, but sometimes building an addition to look like your favorite restaurant could be a lot of fun.

4 Kabu Ankake

Any serious Animal Crossing fan knows about the lucrative turnip market. Players travel to islands based all over the world to get the best deals on the turnips they bought, making anywhere from a few bells to thousands after selling them.

If you're the type of player that doesn't pay too much attention to the stalk market, though, you can use Daisy Mae's delicious vegetables to make a variety of meals, including Kabu Ankake. She'll give you the recipe after you buy turnips from her on Sunday, which requires ten turnips.

3 Orange Smoothie

Smoothies are a delicious meal substitute or sweet treat in the real world, but what about on your favorite virtual island? Oranges are an easy fruit to come by if it's your primary fruit; if it isn't, make sure to visit your friends' islands and plunder their orchard for an orange tree of your own (with their permission, of course!)

Once you have access to oranges, it's easy to throw together this simple recipe: all you need is two oranges for a delicious treat that'll help cool down your villager on long summer days.

2 Pumpkin Soup

On the opposite end of the weather spectrum, Pumpkin Soup is a great way to warm up on a winter day. Pumpkins are also easy to come by as long as you've unlocked Leif's shop at Harv's Co-Op. He'll sell you vegetable starts, including pumpkins, every time you visit him.

After you plant them, they can grow into one of four colors: orange, white, green, or yellow. Once you've gathered three orange pumpkins, you can whip up the soup of your dreams and enjoy it in front of a cozy campfire.

1 Sardines in Oil

Fishing is a simple task in Animal Crossing and one that everyone can do. You can find a wide variety of fish depending on the season, but the one you need for this recipe, the anchovy, can be found between March and December in the ocean for the Northern Hemisphere and September through June for the Southern Hemisphere.

Anchovies are fairly common finds, unlike the rarer fan favorites, and once you catch one, your character will automatically come up with one of the easiest recipes in-game. All you need is a single anchovy to begin cooking, and once you finish, you'll have a filling seafood dish any villager would love.

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