6 Biggest Changes And Updates In Fall Guys Free-For-All

Fall Guys has now officially gone free-to-play and is available on all consoles and PC. This sweeping change has made the bean-loving, obstacle course battle royale ready to be enjoyed by people around the globe. For the uninitiated, Fall Guys puts you in the shoes of an adorable bean, a character who must waddle, run, jump, and parkour their way to victory through a host of rounds, stages, and events.

The game started life back on PlayStation 4 and PC as a paid game. While many people clambered for the game to release on Switch and Xbox, it took around two years for that wish to come to fruition. However, Fall Guys is here for everyone to enjoy and you can play the game without having to spend a dime if you don't want to. Here are some of the game's biggest updates and changes in its new free-to-play form.

6 The New Season Pass – Free Versus Premium

Fall Guys' newest season refresh brings everyone back to square one. This new season has replaced the previous seasons and is now considered season one. Before Fall Guys went free-to-play, the season passes, or battles passes, were there for everyone to enjoy without any additional cost. This, of course, makes sense given that the game had to be purchased outright. In the case of this free-to-play version, the season pass must now be purchased in order to unlock all of its cosmetic goodies.

Like most other battle passes from similar free-to-play games, this one has a bunch of free rewards if you opt not to spend any real-world money on unlocking it. You rank up this season pass by simply playing different shows and rounds, and, more importantly, by completing daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges.

5 A Completely Revamped Store

The new free-to-play version of Fall Guys has a brand new store, one that offers you tons of outfits, player cards, and emotes. Many of these items can be purchased with one of the game's in-game currencies; Kudos. These purple coins are obtained through simply playing the game and completing challenges, however, they aren't doled out too quickly.

The game's other main currency is called Show Bucks. These special coins can be purchased with real-world money and allow you to buy some of the more robust, flashier cosmetic goodies. However, the season pass does dole out a good number of them should you work through unlocking the majority of the rewards during your playtime during a current season.

4 Brand New Shows And Rounds

Okay, the best part of this brand new free-to-play version has to be the completely new shows and rounds. Any new season of Fall Guys brings with it a host of gameplay changes, typically in the form of the games shows and rounds. This revamped and refreshed season one offers you so many fun new ways to experience Fall Guys, especially for those returning to the game in its new, updated form.

Some of these fun and challenging new rounds include VolleyFall, a spinning ring version of Hex-a-gone, and Blaster Balls, just to name a few. These new rounds and shows can be played by themselves or in the regular solo, duos, or squads modes, with the game offering plenty of rotating modes to enjoy during the season.

3 Challenges Galore

Fall Guys, at least for the last few seasons, has had in-game challenges for you to enjoy. However, this free-to-play version completely ups the ante and adds in a boatload of daily, weekly, and seasonal challenges. Most of these challenges aren't all that complex and really only involve you playing certain rounds such as races, survival rounds, or a combination thereof.

Challenges are essential to complete if you want to rank up your season pass. Where the game used to be quite generous with leveling up the game's season pass, it has now been slowed down quite a bit, mostly because experience is tied to challenges. Some challenges can be easily completed in one show whereas others require multiple rounds.

2 A Boatload Of Customization Options

This should likely come as no surprise to anyone that has already been playing Fall Guys since its initial PlayStation 4 and PC release but the game is brimming with customization options. From separate upper and lower costume pieces to thematics to player cards to victory emotes, Fall Guys really knows how to relish in the fun and whimsical side of things. This new season has added so many new things, even adding in a crossover or two in the form of Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2.

If you were someone that played the original version of Fall Guys for any length of time and had spent some money in the game, you unlock a legacy pack of cosmetics as well as receive the season pass for "free" this time around. However, even if you are a new player, the game has tons of easy-to-obtain rewards and goodies, both from the season pass and the in-game shop.

1 Cross-Play And Cross-Progression

People really seem to love cross-play and cross-progression. Fortunately, Fall Guys' refresh brings with it a full cross-play and cross-progression between console and PC, all linked to your Epic Games account. While it's not always fun to have yet another account, Epic Games has at least made it quite easy to progress in the game, no matter which platform you are playing on.

You can turn off cross-play if you opt to just play with others on your specific platform, however, that could lead to longer queue times. Going into this new free-to-play version of the beloved game, it's great to know that you can play the game on any platform and still enjoy the same experience as everyone else.

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