7 Things Everyone Completely Missed In My Time At Sandrock

The Successor to My Time At Portia, My Time At Sandrock, is now available on PC through both Epic Game Store and Steam. There is a lot of hidden lore between the two games, so much so that things are still being found in the first game to this day.

Even if you've been combing every inch of Sandrock with a sharpened pickhammer, there's a good chance that there's something new that you already overturned earlier. With the game being in Early Access, there's no way to know how much will be in the game once it's fully launched, but there are a few pieces here and there you can find for yourself now.

7 The Marvel Of Founder Martle

Without Martle, the founder of Sandrock, falling in love with the oasis and the area, Sandrock would probably not exist. Martle was part of a traveling caravan who only meant to make a temporary stop, but she fell in love with the flora and fauna of the place and decided to plant her roots there and open a hotel.

The area thrived for a long time, but over the years, corruption and overuse of the land killed most of the plant and animal life, aside from the monsters who remain. Those who live there now try to do their best to maintain what little wildlife they have left.

6 Secrets Of The Desert

Despite all the harsh terrain and weather in the Eufaula Desert, you must admit that there is a beauty within the rock. That's because Sandrock was inspired by the real Gobi Desert located North of China and is around 500,000 square miles (1,300,000 km).

It is a harsh life for the residents, as most of their means of survival depend on what's under the desert – a dangerous job that there has a high turnover rate of sorts. A desert on top of a mysterious civilization sounds like a big draw for those to come and search for valuables, but what they might find could be more trouble than it's worth.

5 The Mysterious Man's Wife

The Mysterious Man technically calls Sandrock home, but don't expect to find his store open. No, he prefers to be on the grind all over the free cities. Does he live like this too because he is an outlaw that's evading the law and keeping himself afloat as a shop? Or maybe it's a giant marketing ploy designed to draw in customers with that air of mystery? Either way, he isn't willing to talk.

There is one tiny tidbit he lets slip after a particularly delicious bowl of noodles you made for him: he has a wife. It's nothing to write home about sure, but it is just enough to bring some questions to the surface. The mystery man travels to Portia as well, but between the two games, this is all the information you get.

4 My Time At Sandrock Is A Prequel Of Sorts

It's too early to say whether setting Sandrock before the events of My Time At Portia's will have any impact on the story, and so far, there isn't anything known outside of the fact that they both exist. There are a few characters that mention the other cities, but nothing too deep.

Mason, the town's former builder, sets out for Portia after he retires, and you do see him coming to Portia in the first game, so it seems as though they've set up something for the future – but for now, we are in the dark possibly until the game's official release.

3 The Threat Of War Despite The Peaceful(ish) Setting

Behind the story of rebuilding a community, there is a heavy force lurking in the background. The country of Duvos consistently threatens the Alliance of Free States and aggressively collects old relic weapons, mostly likely for war purposes.

Recent tension between them and the city-state of Ethea has risen due to the question of ownership over the Orzu Ruins. Duvos troops have been placed at the entrance to bar anyone from entering as a means of assuming control. Hopefully, we'll be able to explore this potential future storyline soon, and Duvos seems like an interesting, if not dark, place to visit or confront.

2 The Sad Story Of Mort

Mort and his wife Martle are the founding residents of Sandrock. Mort himself had been the first to create and implement the straw grid mechanic to protect the crops and seeds from dust storms. Martle passed, leaving old Mort alone, he decided to take care of her and others that move on to the final resting place at the cemetery.

Once you become an acquaintance with him, there is a line he says to you, that if you aren't paying attention doesn't sound significant. He mentions that his wife is out and that he'll be sure to introduce the two of you when she returns. You suddenly realize that he is waiting for someone who won't return. It's kind of sweet to know that he is still lovingly thinking of her, even after all this time.

1 Will We See The Great Begeondan?

Great name aside, this place sounds extremely dangerous, and by all accounts, it is. Following that logic then, you could assume that there are rare treasures and relics there too, right? So, then why not try and open it up for only the bravest and strongest of souls willing to risk it all for the glory? Surely everyone in the surrounding areas could benefit from the discoveries there.

There is Artificial Intelligence inside that long, dark stretch of mysterious land – maybe it's the first AI-led country just waiting to make peace. The possibility with The Great Begeondan is limitless, and just begging to be dug through and played in. The My Time series is building up some gargantuan-sized secrets within the world.

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