Activision Blizzard CEO Gave His Phone Number Out To All 10,000 Employees During WFH Mandate

Covid-19 is challenging virtually every industry to refine how it operates, and CEO Bobby Kotick of Activision Blizzard is taken a novel approach in providing all 10,000 employees with a direct line to reach him in this time of uncertainty.

That might sound extreme, but it was confirmed recently during an appearance on CNBC, where Kotick described the challenges that workers can face while transitioning to new work-from-home policies. Since the future looks to incorporate this kind of employment in the long term, tracking mental health support is of the utmost importance.

Kotick described the process as successful, “About a month ago, we sent out an email from my email address with my phone number and we encouraged every single employee that has a concern that related to their health care to contact me directly. So far that’s been working well,”, and when asked about how many employees had reached out to Kotick, his response was, “Oh, I’d say a few hundred now, but we’re fortunate, very few have tested positive for Covid-19.”

The overall efforts by the organization to keep business as usual, despite no longer having a central office to work from, appear to be working well, and we wish everyone well as they keep working from home.

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