All Fall Guys Players Will Get Refunds And A Free Skin Following Store Glitch

Fall Guys went free-to-play across all platforms and finally arrived on Xbox and Nintendo Switch last month. Great news for the game that has resulted in a resurgence as it approaches its two-year anniversary. The first major issue since what was effectively a relaunch arose this week though. A number of players reported the game auto-buying items and spending their various currencies without their say-so.

Epic responded to those reports via a statement to TheGamer on Friday. The studio has now publicly apologized and clarified how it intends to right the wrong via a tweet through the official Fall Guys account. “We heard your feedback on accidental purchases – and we're sorry,” the tweet reads. Initial emails in response to players experiencing the bug relayed the message that all purchases were final, but Epic previously acknowledged that “customer service response was also not acceptable”.

Epic and Mediatonic have listed how they plan to make up for the problem in the tweet below. All refund requests made since June 21, the day the game went free-to-play, will be granted. The store design is also being improved in an attempt to stop something like this from happening again. On top of that, everyone will be getting the Grandis skin free of charge, presumably wehther you were affected by the store glitch or not.

There were a couple of reported issues with the Fall Guys store, all of which ended with players buying items they didn't want. One instance resulted in players buying an item they were previewing without confirming the purchase, while another appeared to take players to a different item from the one they were attempting to preview. In some cases, that resulted in players spending Show Bucks, which tend to cost real-world money, rather than Kudos, which can be earned through play.

From the fun nature of the game designed to appeal to just about everyone to its laidback and amusing presence on social media, it's not often Fall Guys ruffles players' feathers. That's why it was important Epic handled the above situation quickly and correctly. It appears to have done that, and hopefully, you'll no longer be at risk of buying items you didn't want.

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