Alleged WWE 2K22 Cover Art Leaked, Features Rey Mysterio

If there's one thing WWE fans absolutely hate, it's when Vince McMahon and company try to push a new face to the forefront. Their frustration was evident every time Roman Reigns entered the ring and even when he was revealed as the cover star for WWE 2K20 along with Becky Lynch. Viewers have warmed up to Reigns recently, but it seems WWE and 2K are taking no chances if a recent leak is to be believed.

According to a tweet by TechnikNews, the WWE 2K22 cover will be graced by the fan-favourite Luchador, Rey Mysterio. The thread also revealed a bit of information about the launch and pre-order bonuses. The game will reportedly offer a three day early access period starting March 8. The Deluxe Edition as well as the NWO 4-Life Edition of the game will include the Undertaker Immortal Pack along with the season pass.

The Undertaker Immortal Pack will also be available to those who pre-order the game. It will include, "three additional Undertaker personas: Phantom Mask Undertaker, Lord of Darkness Undertaker, Boneyard Match Undertaker, MyFACTION EVO cards for Undertaker, and MyFACTION Perks and Bonuses."

Nils Ahrensmeier of TechnikNews didn't reveal where exactly he got this information from, and even replied with "I am the source" to comments questioning the source. However, he was quick to point out that he shared the cover art and gameplay screenshots of Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania back in June 2021, before the official release.

The last few mainline WWE games left a lot to be desired, especially WWE 2K20. The game was universally panned for it's janky gameplay and nightmarish visual glitches among other issues. The reception was so bad that 2K decided to cancel the 2021 release and consolidate for a revitalized launch in 2022. From what we've heard so far, the developers have made great strides on WWE 2K22.

In order to ensure that the visuals are on point this time, the developers have used a state-of-the-art camera rig fitted with 80 high-resolution cameras to capture the likeness and expressions of wrestlers. Additionally, Forbes' Brian Mazique – who had inside information on the development – said “I have been told that the game is playing fantastic and that the gameplay engine is completely rebuilt” and that it will be a "wrestling fan’s wrestling game.”

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