Back 4 Blood Finally Lets You Kick Idle Players

Griefing is a problem in all multiplayer games, and the solution is to kick those players. Back 4 Blood launched last year without such functionality, but nearly eight months later, the Left 4 Dead love letter is finally going to kick players that either deal too much friendly damage or sit around doing nothing.

As of update 1.08, which is out now, the new Player Kicking system notes players that sit idle for too long or deal too much friendly fire, either of which is grounds for a boot.

"We discussed this feature at length to try and do what's best for the community, so we want to try this conditional kick feature that will only trigger if someone is playing outside the bounds of the game,” noted Turtle Rock in the patch notes. “We also feel that the traditional Vote to Kick can be exploitable and toxic. This feature is not final and we will be monitoring it closely."

The other big new feature as of update 1.08 is Full Deck Draw, which plays all 15 cards from a deck at the beginning of a campaign. These cards have random effects on players, the environment, and enemies, which can make Full Deck Draw a lot of fun and even more chaotic. A similar full-deck game mode on No Hope apparently went over so well that Turtle Rock had to bring a similar mode to other difficulties. The devs are currently considering other deck styles for the future such as ordered draw and full random decks.

Update 1.08 also brings new banners, sprays, emblems, Cleaner skins, and Legendary Accessories, as well as 12 new Burn Cards and new Warped Chest Corruption Cards. There’s also some new UI features such as a better breakdown of Supply Points, Copper, and Skull Totems posted on the post-round screen.

There’s also a ton of balance changes, campaign updates, and bug fixes, so check out the full patch notes here.

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