Battlefield 2042 Finally Gets In-Game Voice Coms Tomorrow

It was once considered a "legacy feature" by EA, but Battlefield players know that communication is essential to any battle plan. That’s why those same players were astounded to find Battlefield 2042 launched without any method of in-game voice comms.

Six months and most of Battlefield 2042’s concurrent player count later, both EA and DICE have learned their lesson. VOIP is an essential feature for any multiplayer shooter and one that Battlefield 2042 never should have launched without. Update 4.0, which launches tomorrow, fixed that monumental misstep alongside over 400 fixes and QOL improvements.

When it arrives tomorrow, VOIP in Battlefield 2042 can be set to communicate with the party or the entire squad. Players can adjust VOIP settings via the new Sound/Voice section in the Options screen, and swap between party and squad chat in the Chat options menu.

The scoreboard, which initially made its return in update 3.3, is also getting another update in 4.0 to be visible during the end-of-round screen. This has long been requested by players and is another feature returning from previous Battlefield games.

Other multiplayer improvements include matchmaking info now visible on the player card screen and rebalancing support actions to provide more XP. Repairing, resupplying, and other support actions now provide a little more XP, while objective actions provide a little less to compensate.

Attachments have also been overhauled in update 4.0 to be more "unique and noticeable." Prior to the update, players often had a hard time figuring out what some attachments even did to their weapons, while other attachments were so similar that it was hard to tell them apart. That's all changing in 4.0, which you can read about in the full patch notes on the official Battlefield 2042 website.

Update 4.0 arrives on April 19. DICE states the next big update will be coming in May and "is focused on bringing further quality of life updates and bug fixes." We’ll have more to report on that later this month.

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