Bethesda Softworks donates $1 million to coronavirus relief

Bethesda Softworks will be donating $1 million to multiple groups to help coronavirus relief efforts.

The company is giving $500,000 to Direct Relief, a charity that provides protective equipment to the health care workers who are combating coronavirus. Bethesda will donate $250,000 to Unicef, which will help children on a more global scale. Another $250,000 will go to local coronavirus relief closer to where the studios are based, both at “individual studios and international offices,” Bethesda said in the news release. These charities will be picked by the offices around the world.

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Bethesda employees will also be streaming games from home on Twitch, as part of its #BethesdaAtHome campaign. Viewers will be able to contribute to the charities above during the streams as well.

Bethesda Softworks employees have been working from home, continuing to work on games. Fallout 76’s Wastelanders expansion released on April 14, amidst the pandemic. The expansion added NPC characters to the game, along with factions, old-school dialogue trees, and choices. It’s been well-received by fans, and Bethesda will continue to update the game on a work-from-home schedule. The studio recently posted a road map on upcoming events in the game, and we know more RPG-style campaign content is on the way.

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