Better Call Saul Fan Pits Jimmy Against Chuck In Fake Fighting Game

Better Call Saul came to an end after six seasons last month, potentially bringing the curtain down on the Breaking Bad universe forever. The internet isn't ready to let go just yet though, and the shows' very active and creative meme community has upped the ante, creating a mock-up for a fighting game featuring characters and other elements from Better Call Saul.

The game is called Better Call Brawl (because of course it is) and was created by redshibe. The YouTuber reveals it took them around two weeks to make, and even though they were pretty proud of it at first, they now think it's “pretty shitty”. The 675,000 views it has had since being shared on TikTok coupled with the comments across various platforms suggest the rest of the world does not agree.

A number of instantly recognizable elements from various fighting games have been used to piece the project together. The character select menu, for example. There are seven characters from the show to choose from with the most notable omission being Lalo Salamanca. If this game ever becomes a reality, the ruthless BCS villain should really be on the roster.

Jimmy and Chuck are pitted against each other in the clip. A brutal battle between brothers that takes place out in the New Mexico desert. The attention to detail is tremendous, and Chuck is even wearing his foil blanket. The hotshot lawyer and his blanket are no match for Jimmy, though. The man who would become Saul Goodman brandishes his flip phone, sending a wave of electricity through his brother and winning the fight.

Fans of the video have been commenting on it as if it's a real game. Top of the pile on TikTok is an account masquerading as Breaking Bad's Skinny Pete, staking their claim to be in the game. While this concept will likely never become a reality, Breaking Bad characters making it into MultiVersus just might. Vince Gilligan also detailed his failed attempt to get a GTA-style Breaking Bad game off the ground recently.

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