Black Ops Cold War’s Miami Map Overhaul Shrinks The Battleground And Turns The Lights On

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is one of the biggest shooters in the world right now, making all the right moves as a successor to 2019’s Modern Warfare. However, some aspects aren’t perfect, and one of these imperfections is the Miami multiplayer map. Now, Treyarch is set to introduce a daytime variant of the map known as Miami Strike, and it’s coming in a future update.

Miami was one of the most marketed factors of Cold War before its release. It looked spectacular, and presented the night vibes of Miami in stunning, neon-lit fashion. However, in terms of being a suitable map for 6v6 combat, it just didn’t cut it for players. The night time aspect made visibility, or lack thereof, a huge issue, along with the map being too big for 6v6 combat situations, rendering a major part of the map useless. This led to many voting against the map in matchmaking lobbies, as it just wasn’t feasible to play in.

Miami Strike will serve as a daytime setting of the original Miami map, with some corners cut to reduce the map size for 6v6 combat as well. Treyarch announced the news of the map yesterday via Twitter, as it’s poised to drop along with other updates in store for Cold War in the upcoming mid Season 2 update.

The update will also see other major changes and additions, including but not limited to Prop Hunt mode, and also a brand new map for the Outbreak Zombies mode which has quickly become a fan-favorite.

Whereas the aesthetic of a game is critical these days in the gaming industry, the gameplay is always going to have the upper hand. Treyarch has likely made the correct move in releasing Miami Strike, fine-tuning a map that fans clearly have passion for, but can now enjoy in an entirely new light.

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