Business Presentation Platform VRtuoso Surpasses 1 Million Users, Secures new Funding

When it comes to employees working remotely the virtual reality (VR) industry has several innovative solutions dedicated to enterprise. One of those is presentation platform VRtuoso which has secured new funding whilst surpassing 1 million users.

All those hours are thanks to VRtuoso’s platform now being used by over 30 major companies including American Express, BT, PwC, EE, Pfizer, Leonardo Military Defence, BP, delivering over 500,000 hours of virtual training in the process.

One of the newest clients is Leonardo, with Product Manager, Robert Craighill explaining in a statement: “VRtuoso has made it realistic to move beyond written process instructions and realise immersive, interactive, effective learning experiences. VRtuoso has transformed the way we’re thinking about knowledge transfer within our business.”

When it comes to the new investment VRtuoso’s follow-on seed funding has been secured from UK-based Symvan Capital and Compagnia Bresciana Investimenti S.p.A. (CBI) from Italy. This brings VRtuoso’s total seed funding to over $1 million USD.

“This was the right time for us to provide a follow-on investment. VRtuoso is an example within our portfolio of a business that is solving a real need for its customers, at the same time enabling cost-savings whilst also experiencing growing demand in difficult market conditions,” mentions Nicholas Nicolaides, Investment Director, Symvan Capital.

“We have experienced significant sales growth over the last year as enterprises need to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of training,” said Frank Furnari, CEO & Founder, VRtuoso. “In addition, COVID-19 has disrupted the way in which we all work, which is giving enterprises even more focus to adapt and transform necessary training requirements. VRtuoso platform’s usage increase by 32% in 2020 compared to last 4 months of 2019, and it is fast becoming the obvious go-to alternative to traditional training methods. Our follow-on funding from Symvan Capital and CBI is testament to the progress we have made to date.”

Designed to dispense with boring PowerPoint presentations, utilising VR to make content more engaging, VRtuoso supports a range of devices such as Oculus Go and Pico G2. With the software, users can create, deliver and adapt presentations adding in 360° and two-dimensional content, like video, PowerPoint slides and text.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of VRtuoso and other VR training solutions, reporting back with the latest updates.

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